The 2010 End-Of-Year Lying In The Gutters Special

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Top Twenty Posts Of The Year

1. Batman XXX Trailer And Screencaps – how could it be anything else?An absolute monster of a hit, two and a half times the amount of traffic than the second post and still popular week after week. Odds are it’ll be on next year’s too.

2. Gay Robin Vs The Westboro Baptist Church – I know Comics Alliance got a huge wodge of traffic off this event too. When the geek community of San Diego Comic Con stood up against the homophobic hate mongerers of Westboro. A classic San Diego moment. And I was in the thick of it!

3. Pictures From Pron XXX. It has a cool name, I’ll give it that.

4. First Pics From Justice League XXX – I’m noticing a theme here.

5. Matchstick Middle Earth – No XXX in sight. Just matchsticks.

6. This Ain’t Avatar XXX – and we’re back in the room.

7. The Return of Dragonball – well… it did. kinda. A bit. Just not in the way some people would like.

8. Get Ready For Watchmen 2 – Dismissed at the time, the events in this post were later confirmed by Alan Moore and others.

9. Xavier, Moira And Mystique – Shots of people walking down a street in Oxford that caused 20th Century Fox to send legal letters.

10. The Muppet Wicker Man Comic – Still a favourite, muppets and wicker, what’s not to love? More people read this comic online through Bleeding Cool than read most printed comics.

11. New Conan Images – Big muscly glowy frowny people draw the crowds.

12. More Shots From The Judge Dredd Set – as do pictures of buildings and signs.

13. Alan Moore Speaks Watchmen 2 – An interview turned down by one very prominent comics news website as it may have offended DC Comics. Which it probably did. A fair few other people too.

14. Shots From The Batman Porn Set? No, apparently.

15. The Great Amazon $14.99 Graphic Novel Sell Off Of 2010 – Some people got omnibuses for $15. Others got $25 vouchers for their trouble.

16. Kimberley Kane’s Photos From Batman XXX

17. Scoop: First Image From Superman XXX

18. This Ain’t Avatar XXX Trailer

19. Green Lantern Movie Images – a break from all the porn. Although that’s still quite skin tight, Hal…

20. Diana Prince, Porn Star, Needs Geek Cred – and we’re back.

The conclusion? You’re all a load of dirty buggers. Porn-related posts made less than 0.1% of all posts on Bleeding Cool. But a much larger percentage of those read by you.

My Own Favourite Top Ten Posts

1. A New Name Withheld For The Industry – I’d get hate mail for this. But damn if it wasn’t worth it to se a true judgement of the comics industy by one of its most pre-eminent members, untarnished by what others would think of it.

2. Bleeding Cool Interviews Pat Lee – I can’t believe this interview could happen. Even during it I was half convinced it was all fake. But apparently not. Now we’ll see just how well Pat Lee fulfills his promises.

3. Hastings – The Largest Comic Book Chain In The Direct Market – some publishers have told me that they are now reliant on Hastings to shift quantieies of stock. It’s certainly the one retailer most stores want to woo.

4. Scoop: CLiNT Magazine – It would be this post that would see Bleeding Cool all but banned from Millarworld. That’s what happens when you get ahead of the news cycle when it’s being ridden by Mark Millar.

5. Diamond Move To Tuesday Delivery In The US And The UK – A chnge in the way Diamond treat comic book stores, by allowing them all to get Tuesday delivery for Wednesday sale – even those in the UK, a principle Bob Wayne at DC fought for. It’s an indication of the maturing of the sector in the belief that stores can be trusted to observe shipping dates. And it all kicks off in a couple of weeks.

6. Bonfire Agency To Begin – What a great way to end the year? Shame the commute would be a bitch.

7. Kevin Smith Voices Free Comic Book Day Ad – A personal highlight this one. Not every day you get Kevin Smith to voice an ad. Maybe we should do another next year. Is Neil Gaiman busy?

8. The Engagement Of Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer – I guess that answers that.

9. Contractual Changes On Creator Owned Books At DC Comics – Amid all the changes at the company, this was the one that felt it could have the widest impact. Let’s see in the New Year.

10. Google Street View Discovers Secret Wars In A Pub – if ever I’m down, I just look at the pst and it brightens my day.

Tomorrow starts the Annual Rumour Awards. Why not pop by the site and take a journey back through the year?

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