Is Obama Reading Superior? No, It’s Another Photoshop Trick

Posted by October 28, 2010 Comment

Okay, so it’s not like Mark Millar hasn’t tried this before.

But this image of President Barack Obama walking, holding a number of books, including the first copy of Superior was posted on Movie Forums. Labelled “a Spider-Man comic” by the poster Jenny Suski, it was clearly the Mark Millar and Leinil Yu comic in question.

But hmmm… the exact same post was earlier posted on Political Forum by a Laura Draper, with her very first post. Using the very same language…

And the original post gained attention by being tweeted by Simon Pegg, an interviewee in CLiNT #2.

What strange coincidences. Oh look, here’s the real photo.

And a friend;

Nice try Mr Millar sir!

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