John Cena Requested By Mark Millar For Superior

A movie adaption of Mark Millar‘s Superior has been in the works for quite some time, with the film changing hands and personnel a couple times. It is still in the works though, and Millar has some casting ideas for it. After watching Trainwreck, the comic writer tweeted this out, saying he found John Cena […]

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Mark Millar’s American Jesus and Supercrooks Find A Home At Waypoint Entertainment

The work of Mark Millar continues to be popular in Hollywood. Films have already been made from his work, like Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman: The Secret Service. And while Nemesis continues in a development cycle at Warner Bros., word comes that his books American Jesus and Supercrooks will also make their way to the screen. According […]

Mark Millar Explains How All The Millarworld Books Tie-In Together – Wanted, Kick Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy, Superior, Nemesis, MPH, Supercrooks And More – But No News Yet On The Unfunnies (UPDATE)

(UPDATE: Now with sourced visuals) We ran an article about this on Bleeding Cool this morning. But now Mark Millar has gone official on how he sees all his Millarworld titles tying together. Millar writes, Okay, here we go. I’ve waited literally YEARS so I could tell you this. Now Kick-Ass wraps today and explains […]

Spider-Man Vs Wolverine Vs… Robin? (SPOILERS)

It’s a week of heroes fighting heroes, it seems. Superhero trope, obviously. Superior Spider-Man with his Doc Ock head on is causing most of the ruckus, getting down with Daredevil…. And with Wolverine in the new Avenging Spider-Man, and seriously how long have you waited for a moment like this, Spider-fans? Maybe that will make […]

Speculator Corner: Superior Spider-Man #1 London Super Comic Con Edition

At least twelve copies of the London Super Comic Con variant of Superior Spider-Man #1 have already sold on eBay for up to £25/$40 ahead of next month’s show. This is despite the fact that the comic itself has printed a thousand for sale at the show, and can be bought from Limited-Edition for £4.95/$8 […]

Marvel Reaping Its Own Whirlwind Of Spoilers

Warning. There may be Spider-Man and Avengers Arena spoilers at the end of this article. I blame Marvel personally. First it was spoiling all manner of stories in the national press one, maybe two days, before the comic was available on the shelves. Then, this year, they decide to prevew All New X-Men by running […]

Spider-Man 2099 On The Cover Of Superior Spider-Man #1

Don’t worry though, it’s just a sketch cover, being sold by Dynamic Forces. Considering what most believe to be Dan Slott’s red herring of a tweet a few weeks ago, placing Miguel in the new series, this appears to be a rather entertaining bait by artist Ken Haeser… And look! It worked!

Drunk Comics Creator Spills Spider-Man Spoiler In Strip Club

So I get the following message, redacted to spare blushes and spoilers. Marvel creator [REDACTED] got drunk in a stripclub in [REDACTED] and blurted out the entire synopsis for ASM 698-700. [REDACTED] with accidental assistance from Doc Strange [REDACTED]. Leaving [REDACTED]  with only the readers the wiser. This ties up with versions of this story […]

What If Dan Slott Totally Spoiled Superior Spider-Man On Twitter?

Dan Slott has been adamant about not spoiling Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man. Even though the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man will ship to retailers a week before it goes on sale, he has been calling on everyone not to release any spoilers on the comic. That includes Marvel – don’t expect to see […]

The End Of “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” Dan Slott

Yup, that’s three for three. Yesterday, Dan Slott gave a Marvel-arranged interview with USA Today to talk about his new comic, Superior Spider-Man, relaunching and replacing Amazing Spider-Man for the MARVEL NOW! Spinning out from whatever-the-hell he is planning for Amazing Spider-Man #700, teases with “The one thing that does not go with this Spider-Man […]

Friday Trending Topics: The Superior Spider-Man?

Last Friday we did a poll about what this announcement might be, and it would appear that the collective wisdom of BCers got it right:  Dan Slott with three artists, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli will be doing something new, presumably with Spider-Man, in January for Marvel NOW. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Spider-Man […]

Five Possibilities for Marvel’s NYCC Annoucement “Superior”

My favourite theories as to Marvel’s big NYCC “Superior” announcement. What do we know? That the writer of the most shocking book of 2012 will be a very special guest at NYCC and announce a new book, for which Superior is the title. These are the five top theories. 1) The guest is Dan Slott, […]

Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Clash Of Titans

Dave Wallace writes for Bleeding Cool; Welcome to back to Jack of All Trades. This week, I’m choosing to run an entire column of reviews spotlighting a publisher that might not be as familiar to US readers as it is to those of us in the UK: Titan books. As well as publishing material in […]

Superior Kapow World Record Special Hits $13 On Day Of Sale

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool talked about the Superior Kapow World Record #1 comic, a comic created in 12 hours by a group of big name and small name comics creators at the Kapow Comic Convention earlier this year, to raise money for charity. And how, for some reason, it was limited to 10,000 copies, causing all […]