It Takes Two Series To Tanga

It Takes Two Series To Tanga

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Weird Worlds is a new anthology series from DC that, well, has got me rather excited. Weird and wonderful takes on DC characters, this is just the kind of thing that floats my eccentically designed boat.

With ten pages each month of Kevin Van Hook and Jerry Ordway’s  Lobo, Aaron Lopresti’s Garbageman and Kevin Maguire’s Tanga.

Expect the fact that it’s only six issues long, at least so far, is cause for some concern.

Because Kevin Maguire has already written his arc as twelve-part story. And has now discovered the new length of  the series. Which will only get another run if it’s successful.

If it isn’t, Tanga readers will be abandoned half way through.

This is reminiscent of what happened to Top Ten fans when the second season was cancelled half way in, mid-cliffhanger, leaving the final six issues unpublished, even if Zander Cannon had written and thumbnailed a stack of them already. Though, thankfully I understand those last issues will see publication.

Here’s hoping Tanga also finds a way to keep on dancing.

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