Filling In For Batman And Robin

Filling In For Batman And Robin

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Batman And Robin has been slipping schedule-wise for a little while as we come to the end of Grant Morrison’s run. For yesterday’s story on the new Batman And Robin #15, I had to go back to August’s solicitations to get the cover image.

So how can they catch up a bit schedule-wise? The old fashioned way – multiple artists!

I understand that Officer Downe‘s Chris Burnham will be taking over part of Batman And Robin #16, channelling his inner Geoff Darrow into more of a Frank Quitely look.

The solicited artist, Cameron Stewart, has only drawn the first part of the issue – though the solicitations only listed him.

The book will see publication on November 3rd, two weeks after #15. Then issue #17, solicited for November, by new creators on Pete Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mark Irwin, will follow shortly afterwards.

And will be on time! Honest!

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