Review: Sherlock Holmes #2 By Leah Moore And John Reppion

Review: Sherlock Holmes #2 By Leah Moore And John Reppion

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h3Okay, so this book came out last week from Dynamite. But I couldn’t get my hands on an advance of Zorro, so this will make do.

And boy, does it make do. Holmes is a character that has been ill treated of late. So many different versions, so many new takes. From a dandy, to a street bruiser, from an idiot to a super computer. And in this issue, Moore and Reppion have taken the brave decision to keep Holmes out of the picture, in jail, on trial for his life bringing Watson and the criminally underused Inspector Lestrade to the fore, trying to find their inner Holmes.

Details such as the straining of leaves to make tea bring home the period of the piece. This is not a Victorian England Theme Park here. It looks and feels grit and grimmy, populated by harsh foreboding men standing in front of harsh forboding buildings, far more placed in reality than the much-awaited Lock Stock And Two Smoking Calabash Pipes hitting the cinemas later this year.

This is Holmes, even if he’s hardly in it.

h4Now, this is a Holmes drama, so there has to be one weird anachronistic moment that sticks out and makes you wince. And just because this was written by Brits, there’s no excuse. A pivotal scene occurs on Victoria Embankment just down from the Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben clock tower. And standing below it one person asks another the time.

And so I found myself shouting at the comic, “Look up, you idiot.”

Any comic that does that to a person must be special.

Sherlock Holmes #2 by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Aaron Campbell was published last week by Dynamite Entertainment, $3.50.

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