The Iranian Street Cartoonist

The Iranian Street Cartoonist

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I write and draw editorial cartoons for UK political blogger Guido Fawkes. I feel terribly smug, satirical and pompous while doing so, striking a blow against the most corrupt of politics.

Meanwhile people are fleeing for their lives for doing similar in Iran.

A friend of mine reports the words of one such person in Tehran. Where YouTube and Facebook have suddenly been banned and online speed has dropped to 12 kilobits a second. hough he managed to get this street cartoon through.

They bit and hit people and young on the streets. They fear our power. We trusted them but they abused our votes. We could never imagine such pig minds… The person we voted for asked us to be silent. To forget. He said these people are not Muslim. They are liars… The police here are like wolves… We just want to know where our votes went. We elected one man and they empowered another. The only people who don’t agree with this are the liars who are scared to lose their regime and their control.

Pass it on.

Now I have to think of something witty involving politicians and expense forms..

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