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A Very Political Power Rangers

It's dangerous, all this Power Rangers PR bouncing around the place, ahead of the release of the new movie. It means that when I'm doing a political cartoon for Guido Fawkes on a Sunday evening, it continues that bouncing between the confines of my skull. And, after reading the revelations regarding a meeting of the […]

Swipe File: Darth Vader And Leave.EU

So I do these cartoons for Guido Fawkes, the political blog, every Monday. This was the hilarious idea of having George Osborne who, although Conservative MPs have been told they will be able to campaign freely on either side of the upcoming European Referendum, has been exerting career pressure on the backbenchers. So impressed was one […]

A Cartoonist At The Guido Fawkes Tenth Anniversary Party #GF10

The other night I went to a tenth anniversary awards do/party for the Guido Fawkes blog. I'm their Monday Morning cartoonist. Which means most Sunday nights I can be found poring over the political reports of the day looking for something I can be scabrous about, before sending in ideas to the big boys. And […]

A New Guido Fawkes For A New Generation – Designs Wanted

I write and draw cartoons every week for the British right wing libertarian political blog, Guido Fawkes, the most popular political blog in the country. Run by Paul Staines, it models itself on he famous British terrorist as "the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions" and does it's best to bring down any […]

Kate And William: A Very Public Love Story by Gary Erskine, Mike Collins And… Me

So, yes, this is the comic book I spend the Christmas holidays writing. A biographical comic book telling the lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton before their upcoming wedding. And it's being drawn by two artists whose autographs I got twenty years ago when I was teenager. Mike Collins, curent Doctor Who comic artist […]

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November… FREE Pre-Tea Party Comic

In 2007, Image published the first volume of the anthology Popgun. It included one strip, Rex Onazuka: The Japanese Wasp by Mark Andrew Smith and Johann Leroux which seemed to do a rather good job of anticipating some of the sentiment that would fuel the Tea Party movement, if given a slightly anti-big business/V For […]

The Iranian Street Cartoonist

I write and draw editorial cartoons for UK political blogger Guido Fawkes. I feel terribly smug, satirical and pompous while doing so, striking a blow against the most corrupt of politics. Meanwhile people are fleeing for their lives for doing similar in Iran. A friend of mine reports the words of one such person in […]