3/11: The Graphic Novel - The Madrid bombings in strip form

3/11: The Graphic Novel – The Madrid bombings in strip form

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The events of 11th September 2001 have inspired a number of American comic books. Some aimed at raising money and awareness, others reflecting how that day affected so many, others finding plot twists, treating it as a part of the storytelling traditions of history and an graphic novel based on the official report.

However, the events of 11th March 2004 in Madrid haven’t been treated in such a universal way. On that day 191 people were murdered by train bombs set by al Qaeda terrorists, and thousands were wounded. And their tales are intended to be told in “11 M” written by Pepe Gálvez and Antoni Guiral, with art from Joan Mundet and Francis González.

As the bombings led to successful trials of terrorist suspects, the story begins with the October 2007 sentencing of 21 people found guilty of the crimes. In this fashion the graphic novel uses the findings of the court to tell not just the stories of the victims, but the stories of the terrorists as well, including those that blew themselves up when their house was raided by police. And Pilar Manjon, whose son died in the attacks, has written the prologue.

The comic was launched in Barcelona, after receiving initially negative coverage by the Madrid media, but the publishers Panini hope to revisit Madrid one the book has been critically establised elsewhere in Spain.



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