Dak Prescott

Sports Card Authenticator Accuses Dak Prescott Of Using An Autopen

In the category of “how is this a story, AGAIN?”, another young NFL player has had his autographed cards called into question. Back in May, Panini discovered that some of the autographed cards by Atlanta Falcons first round pick Takkarist McKinley weren’t signed by him. And now Beckett Grading Services, who values trading cards, is […]

James Bond: Vargr To Go International

As part of their pre-SDCC announcements, Dynamite has lined up publishing partners for the collected volume of James Bond: Vargr. The six part series by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters will now go global and in different languages. France’s Delcourt will publish 007’s first comic book adventures in over 20 years in all French speaking […]

10 Pages Of Milo Manara’s Caravaggio, And His Address To The Maestro

This is what Milo Manara had to put drawing more pictures of Spider-Woman with her bum up in the air on hold for… Caravaggio. To be published across Europe next week. We have ten pages from the French edition, interspersed with the English translation of Milo Manara‘s letter to Caravaggio,courtesy of Eurocomics USA Invasion from the special deluxe Italian  Artist Edition of […]

The Mickey, Donald And Charlie Hebdo Cover That Got Scrapped

Topolino is the popular Disney comic magazine published in Italy by Panini, under license. The above cover was promoted as one of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, following in the steps of the likes of Spirou Magazine. The cover was promoted on the publisher’s Facebook page. However, when the magazine hit the stands, it suddenly […]

Panini’s Highway To Hell Coming To The U.S. As Hellbound

Dark Horse is bringing Panini’s Highway to Hell to America this coming September with Hellbound. Victor Gischler (Angel & Faith), Davide Dileo, and Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ), will release a graphic novel version that promises to bring a whole new level of horror to English-speaking audiences. Reminiscent of True Detective and From Hell, Hellbound follows the […]

All The Congratulatory Ads For Marvel In The 75th Anniversary Magazine

From the BBDO Diversity Council of New York City to Charles Atlas  to IDW to Comixology to the Stan Lee Foundation, all sorts of entertaining deals must have been done to have these many specially created ads in the free Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine from so many Marvel licensees celebrating 75 years of publishing Marvel […]

The Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Another Disappearing Galactus

Bleeding Cool has been covering the rumour that Marvel Comics has been ordered by its executives to downplay the Fantastic Four comic ahead of the upcoming movie. Whether it’s sketch card artists or Mondo Poster makers, the FF and their related characters such as Galactus and the Skrulls are off limits to all sorts of […]

Italy To Publish Portfolio Of Milo Manara’s Marvel Work

Italian artist Milo Manara is famed for, well, that kind of artwork. And he’s been doing a few variant covers for Marvel Comics of late. Just to keep his hand in. Well, now Panini Comics Italia is doing a portfolio collecting ten of them at 44.5 x 29.5 cm (11.6 x 17.5 inches), only for certain comics shops that […]

Desperately Seeking Comics At London Book Fair 2014

London Book Fair is big. Really big. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to the London Book Fair. Listen… So comic books could get lost within its vast maw. But they still manage to stick out. Here’s a few I found yesterday […]

Strike Action Threatens Disney Italy Handing Mickey Mouse Over To Panini

When Disney bought Marvel, there was much speculation that the Italian comic market, one of the few in which Disney actually published comic books themselves, may see Disney publishing more titles and pulling the licences from Panini, who had the Marvel rights. Instead, what occurred was mostly masterful inaction. Until this week… When the opposite […]

Paul Chadwick Draws New Concrete Covers For Italy

Panini Comics Italy are commissioning Paul Chadwick to draw brand new covers for the new Italian editions of Concrete. Concrete is a particular favourite pleasure of mine. Now, if only they can persuade Paul to create a couple of new Concrete stories for them, which they can then translate into English…

Diamond Drops Marvel UK Titles

My first superhero comic book I remember buying was a copy of the Fantastic Four weekly in the early eighties, reprinting Lee and Kirby Fantastic Four in black and white, published by Marvel UK and sold at my local newsagent. It would be another eight years until I would discover the existence of a comic […]

Become A Marvel Intern… In The UK?

Would you like to work for Marvel? Worried that living in the UK makes for a rather laborious commute and they probably won’t cover your expenses? Well, Panini is looking for a UK intern to help in their Marvel Graphic Novel department. The online application can be found here… It’s not quite working in the bullpens […]

Marvel, Panini And The Christmas Revelry Facebook Post

Okay, this is quite funny. Bleeding Cool has previously reported on the European comic book situation regarding the licensing of Marvel titles. Panini has a Europe-wide licensing agreement but the purchase of Marvel by Disney made some fear that this may challenge this deal. Especially in Italy, a country in which Disney still has a […]

Glénat Sells Glénat SPAIN In A Management Buyout

The Spanish branch of one of the bigger French comics publishers, Glénat, has been bought out by its management, led by Felix Navarro and Joan Sabaté (pictured). Initially, Glénat decided to sell the branch to Panini, but the Spanish board was against the move  and so intervened themselves. The move has just been announced at […]

The Typos That Bind

Bleeding Cool does a fine line in typos. Fresh every day, delivered in time for breakfast, you can always rely on us for your regular  “Collen Doran”, a “Kity Pryd” or “Bill Sinkyvitch”. And Marvel’s Siege series last year was always a challenge. Up there with Rogue and Isaac Perlmutter. So we’re glad to see […]

Panini Lose Rights To DC Comics In France

Panini is a monster of a worldwide comics publisher, publishing Marvel titles in almost all territories, and DC rights in a number  as well. Well, it appears that Panini will be losing the rights to publishing DC and Vertigo comics in France, one of the biggest and certainly the most prestigious comics markets in the […]