Restoring Some Reorder - Diamond's Reward To Retailers

Restoring Some Reorder – Diamond’s Reward To Retailers

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It’s not exactly been a big secret that there have been a few hiccups over Diamond Comics Distribution’s relocation of their Memphis branch and bringing in a new warehouse management system.

Some retailers have found certain orders severely truncated, delayed or disappeared entirely over the last few months.

Which is why, for retailers, Diamond are bringing in a massive sale on thousands of items and, more widely, removing their reorder fee for two weeks on any in-stock product – usually an additional 3% of the wholesale price.

This should prove plenty of an incentive for comic retailers to both fill their shelves – and a stringest test to put the new distribution system through its paces. And, if it all goes well, a happier face for Diamond’s customers.

So if you ever wanted to ask for credit from your local Comic Book Guy, now would be the time.

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