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Rocket League to get Cross-Platform Party Support This Year

The ultra-popular soccer with cars game Rocket League is going to see cross-platform party support in 2018 to build off of its cross-platform play functionality. So now you can form a party with your PC friends while you’re on console and live the dream. When asked on Twitter whether the feature was coming, the official support account for the […]

Rocket League Will Finally Get Crossplay Party Support In 2018

For those of you who have been begging to see crossplay party support in Rocket League after all the talk about making it happen, good news for you! The dream is alive and kicking, at least, according to Twitter. Someone from Psyonix jumped on Twitter to answer a fan question about the long-awaited addition to […]

Psyonix Wants Your Help Choosing Rocket League Music

Rocket League is still going strong online with regular players and a few different esports comps happening around the world, and one of the things that have kept the game popular is the soundtrack that you get to listen to during the start and sometimes in gameplay. Psyonix has decided after three years, they’d like […]

Rocket League Reaches 40 Million Player Landmark

Developer Psyonix has announced that Rocket League has reached the massive milestone of 40 million players. The achievement was shared by the game’s official Twitter announcing that 40 million players had picked up and tried the game, highlighting just how huge the little indie game has become. Sales would have been undoubtedly boosted by the recent release […]

Rocket League Will Be Adding Nintendo Themed Cars

I’ve always wanted to shoot a Rocket League goal and scream “Here we goooooo!” into the field! Now I get to somewhat live that dream in what looks like some awesome cross-promotional stuff. As Psyonix works their way toward putting Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, the company will be introducing three Nintendo-themed skins exclusive […]

‘Rocket League’ To Introduce Transparent Goalposts In The Fall

With Rocket League poised to hit the Nintendo Switch and focusing on the upcoming college leagues, you’d think Psyonix might have a lot of things on the table. Turns out they’re planning to do some new updates for the game that fans have been begging for almost since it launched. In an announcement on their […]

Psyonix & Tespa Announce Collegiate Competitive ‘Rocket League’

Today, Psyonix and Tespa came together to announce the Collegiate Rocket League, an eSports league for the game that will be held at a college level much like other eSports has been doing such as Overwatch and Dota 2. The goal of the new league will be to form three-person Rocket League teams who will start competition […]

Sony Still Not On Board With Cross-Play On ‘Rocket League’

Despite the efforts of Psyonix to bring everyone together over Rocket League, Sony has decided to be the odd kid out on the playground and is not working with other systems. Over a year ago the developer announced that it had the capability of letting Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users be able to face […]

‘Rocket League’ Price Will Stay The Same On Nintendo Switch

It’s a weird way to confirm a price, but it’s a comfort to know that Rocket League is staying cheap across the board. Deep within the reaches of Reddit, a developer from Psyonix confirmed in a thread that Rocket League will remain the same price on the Nintendo Switch at $20. That’s actually some really awesome […]

Rocket League’s Two-Year Anniversary Will Have Some Cool Updates

Rocket League is officially going to be two-years-old next month, and to celebrate the anniversary of the game, Psyonix will be throwing in some free updates and a few other tidbits that fans might appreciate. The first is the addition of a brand new stadium called Champion’s Field, where supposedly in the fictional universe of […]

Rocket League Celebrates Its First Birthday With Infographic

It’s hard to think that Rocket League is only a year old. The game became so enormous, and is still played so much, it feels like ti has been with us forever. Not the case though, as the came celebrated its first birthday on July 7th. To celebrate, Psyonix has re-committed to what has made […]

Rocket League

Rocket League Has Passed 14 Million Users

Rocket League just keeps on charging forward. The game has insane momentum, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. Psyonix have kept supporting their game, and players have kept playing the car football hybrid en masse. And now we have some specific numbers on how many. The developer announced on Twitter that the game has now […]

Basketball Is Coming To Rocket League Next Month

A tease of basketball themed Rocket League came a few weeks ago, and I was all for it. Psyonix have taken Ice Hockey before and made a pretty fun little mode in the Rocket League mold, so I can get behind this. Well, thanks to this tweet, we now have a better idea of when […]

Rocket League To Adapt Another Sport By Taking On Basketball

Rocket League isn’t adverse to shaking up its very successful formula. The game has done gangbusters with it’s football/soccer formula and even in the Winter, it tackled Ice Hockey. It looks like it is changing again though.. On Twitter, Psyonix have revealed that Basketball is next on the cards. You can see what it looks […]

Batman V Superman Batmobile Coming To Rocket League

Rocket League has a history of cool tie-ins in the game, most famously getting the Delorean to celebrate the Back to the Future’s 25th anniversary. Well, there is a new one coming and it’s for something much more ‘of the time’. It’s been announced that the Batmobile from Batman v Superman will be coming to […]

Rocket League Comes To Xbox One Next Week

Finally, my friends on Xbox One will be able to sample the mad delights of Rocket League. It was announced that the game will be with us on February 17th for the long awaited version of the game. It will be $19.99 and come with three free DLC packs, Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos […]

Sunset Overdrive Invades The Xbox One Version Of Rocket League

The Xbox One version of Rocket League has been long awaited by fans who only swing for Microsoft. Like not being invited to one of the coolest parties last year, they’ve had to look in from the window. Soon that will be rectified though as the Xbox One version of the game will be with […]