Thor Delivers Pain Therapy in Next Week’s Avengers #16

Things aren’t going so well for Robbie Reyes, the car-driving Ghost Rider (Ghost Driver?) of Los Angeles. After riding high on joining the Avengers and punching out a celestial, Robbie was caught up in War of the Vampires, a storyline meant to kill the time until War of the Realms kicks off so Marvel can […]

Batman Pulls a Fight Club in Wednesday’s Detective Comics #999

If you haven’t been following the recent storyline in Detective Comics, it would probably be difficult to explain. Thankfully, DC Comics has made as good an attempt as any on their website: Since taking over the title, Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke have been taking us on a brutal, somewhat surreal trip through Bruce […]

Next Week’s Marvel Comics Presents Completely Breaks Continuity

Marvel Comics Presents was a classic anthology series from the 1980s, and Marvel has brought it back for their 80th-anniversary celebration. But in the new Marvel Comics Presents, each issue focuses on a different decade, with the 1950s featuring in Marvel Comics Presents #2 (and does this mean the series will end after 8 issues?). […]

Next Week’s Daredevil #2 Tries to Bring Smoking Back to Marvel Comics

It was a rough time for long-time Marvel Universe smokers like Nick Fury and Wolverine when Joe Quesada banned smoking from Marvel Comics, under the premise that would negatively influence the *checks notes* mostly middle-aged readers of superhero comics since Marvel and DC do nothing to successfully market their comics to actual children, who wouldn’t […]

Crom’s Fate Revealed in Next Week’s Savage Sword of Conan #2?

Conan’s return to the Marvel Universe is in full swing, and by full swing, we mean he’s starring in three concurrent solo books, joining the Avengers in Avengers: No Road Home, and getting his own spinoff Avengers series, Savage Avengers. Which means Marvel is really going to have to up the ante to get any […]

Deathlok is Kinda Bad at His Job in Next Week’s X-Force #3

Deathlok is a perfect robot killing machine, or, as Dave Mustaine put it… But in the pages of X-Force, Kid Cable’s new partner is doing a crappy job. First, his image inducer malfunctioned and he ended up captured and dissected in a Transian government lab, forcing Cable to blow his cover to rescue him, setting off […]

Iceman Melts Down in Next Week’s Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #1

Is X-Tremists the most anticipated of all the Age of X-Man titles? Well, it is for us, at least, but your mileage may vary. But if you thought all you were getting from this mini-series was sexy Blob and mutants mind-wiping other mutants for doing the hibbity dibbity, then you’re in for a nice surprise. We’re […]

Can Rocket Raccoon Beat the Immortal Hulk in Next Week’s No Road Home #3?

In April, War of the Realms begins, an event which strives to answer the question: what if you had to pay $110 just to read one month’s worth of a super-mega-crossover event? It’s going to take a herculean effort for Marvel true believers to muster up the will and the financial backing to purchase and […]

The Fantastic Four Take Orders from Doom in Next Week’s Fantastic Four #7

The Fantastic Four have only been back for six issues (five if you take into account that they weren’t actually reunited in the first issue of the series), but are they already so desperate they’re willing to take orders from Doctor Doom?! In this preview of next week’s Fantastic Four #7, the Fantastic Four learn […]

Moon Girl is Really Tired of Superhero Origin Stories

If there’s one thing that all of us have probably seen enough times in the course of our fandom, it’s superhero origin stories. For some of the most popular heroes, it seems like we must relive their origins over and over again. Even Doctor Strange’s origin has been told more than enough times. It seems […]

Has Kate Bishop Become a Skrull Apologist? West Coast Avengers #8

If your alien ex-boyfriend showed up out of nowhere and started telling you about a secret Skrull conspiracy, would you believe him? If you’re Kate Bishop in this preview of next week’s West Coast Avengers #8, the answer is apparently no. In fact, Kate can barely keep her eyes open… Marvel Boy, of course, is […]

Can Nazi Captain America Buy a Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump?

BECAUSE U DEMANDED IT! Nazi Steve Rogers, the alternate version of the titular Captain (or is he the real version?) from Secret Empire is back in next week’s issue of Captain America. Will he be busting out of jail, on his own or with help from Cap’s other enemies? Well, not quite. Alexa Lukin has […]

Nick Spencer Rewrites Continuity to Give Kraven His Own Clone Saga in Amazing Spider-Man #16

Kraven the Hunter has been capturing animal-themed characters in the background of Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man run (with artists Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Chris Bachalo), and it’s all been leading up to Hunted, the story so big it can’t fit into the regular Amazing Spider-Man issues and requires multiple “.HU” issues of Amazing Spider-Man […]

That Time the Ocean Had Sex with Itself in Tomorrow’s Aquaman #45

Creation myths vary from culture to culture, often containing themes that can feel quite mysterious with thousands of years of history between us, modern, sophisticated humans, and these products of primitive cultures. But in a preview of tomorrow’s Aquaman #45, we see a creation myth from the DC Universe which has a primal quality we […]

Tomorrow’s Catwoman #8 Does #DCeased Months Early (Preview)

A lot of fuss has been made about #DCeased, the upcoming comic book by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudino and James Harren, in which the DC Universe is afflicted by a zombie-like plague. But have Joelle Jones and Elena Casagrande beaten them to the punch? See the preview for tomorrow’s issue of Catwoman… First Bleeding Cool spoils […]

Bruce Banner Being a Hypocrite in Next Week’s Hulkverines #1 (Preview)

As the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner has transformed into a rage-filled monster countless times, wreaking destruction everywhere he goes, to the point that the other heroes of Earth (who aren’t exactly immune from making a mess out of things themselves) even once stuck him a rocket and shot him off into outer space. So who […]