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Atlanta Finally Names Their Overwatch League Team the Atlanta Reign

It took a minute after being announced, but the Atlanta team for the Overwatch League have finally picked a name with the Atlanta Reign. The team let the name be known this week on Twitter with an official video hyping the name, along with colors and a proper logo. All roads lead home. Your Reign […]

Washington D.C.’s Overwatch League Team Hires First Woman Coach

Some cool news out of the Overwatch League this morning as the Washington D.C. team has hired the first woman coach to the league. The team hired two new people this week with Molly “AVALLA” Kim (formerly the coach of Meta Bellum) and Mikael “mkL” Skjønhaug (analyst from Last Night’s Leftovers). Kim posted her news […]

Overwatch League’s London Spitfire to Receive WWE Championship

Yesterday, much like they do with all winning sports teams, WWE’s Triple H reached out to Overwatch League’s London Spitfire for a special treat. In recognition for winning the league’s first championship, the team will be receiving their own WWE Championship Belt, which he was happy to show off on Twitter. After an exceptional resurgence, […]

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Overwatch League Announces the 8 New Teams Coming Next Year

Blizzard has announced the 8 new Overwatch teams coming to next year’s Overwatch League, with three new Chinese, two new US, two Canadian and a mainland Europe team. The Overwatch League’s first season was a rousing success for the most part. Despite it having its fair share of drama along the way, seemingly surpass all […]

Overwatch League Reveals All-Star Roster for Saturday’s Game

In case you were looking forward to seeing what the Overwatch League has in store for their all-star game this week, we now have the complete roster. The Pacific and Atlantic divisions will face off against each other in a two-day event, being broadcast across multiple platforms starting at 4 p.m. PDT on August 25th […]

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Overwatch League Will Add a Team in Toronto Next Season

When the word came down that the two new expansions in the Overwatch League were going to be another China team and Atlanta, we kind of assumed Canada was out for another year. However, word came down from ESPN this week that this is no longer the case, and that a third expansion team has gone […]

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Brandon “Seagull” Larned has Retired From Professional Overwatch

Ever popular pro-player and streamer Brandon “Seagull” Larned has announced that he is retiring from Dallas Fuel and professional Overwatch in general. We really did get to learn a lot of the great Overwatch players during the Overwatch League’s first season. Some came out of nowhere to become fan favourites, while others came into the league, […]


Overwatch League Officially Adds Atlanta and Guangzhou Teams

Blizzard has announced that Atlanta and Guangzhou will be joining the ranks next year for the Overwatch League Season 2. The Overwatch League came to a close recently, with London Spitfire taking the crown as the first ever champions of the esports competition. All in all, it was a rousing success, with the league’s absurd […]

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Cox Enterprises Will Join the Overwatch League with a Team Next Season

The first season of the Overwatch League may be over, but we already know next season will have at least one new team added to the mix. ESPN is reporting this morning that an expansion team has been confirmed with the ownership being Cox Enterprises, who finalized a deal to bring a team to Atlanta. Here’s […]

London Spitfire Are Your First Overwatch League Grand Champions

It’s been an interesting road for the Overwatch League in their inaugural season, but we finally have our first Grand Champions in the London Spitfire. The team claimed the championship against the Philadelphia Fusion in a 3-0 victory over two days at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The seven-player team will take home a $1,000,000 […]

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Several Overwatch League Players to Attend Olympic Committee Esports Summit

It appears a new esports initiative has garnered a lot more attention than people expected, and some big names from the Overwatch League are getting involved. A couple of weeks ago we reported that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) were going to be holding a summit to […]

The London Spitfire Advance to the Semifinals of the Overwatch League

The London Spitfire have dashed the hopes of Los Angeles hopeful who were looking for a crosstown matchup in the Overwatch League. There was a great hope that the Los Angeles Gladiators would have a shot at making the semifinals and end up going up against their rivals in the Los Angeles Valiant, but that was […]

Philadelphia Fusion Progress to the Overwatch League Semifinals

It’s been a long road for the Philadelphia Fusion in the Overwatch League as they’ve had to scratch and claw their way to the top over the first four stages. This weekend the team cemented themselves as a group that belongs in the league — they have made their way into the semifinals of the playoffs. […]

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Overwatch League Finds a Broadcast Home with ABC and ESPN

While we’ve all had the ability to watch the Overwatch League on Twitch throughout their inaugural season, Blizzard just made a new deal for TV. Today it was announced on ESPN that Blizzard signed a new multiyear deal that will bring the league’s games to ABC and ESPN network stations. This deal starts tonight with […]

The Shanghai Dragons Finish Overwatch League With a 0-40 Record

It may not be their finest moment, but the Overwatch League just set a new esports record with the Shanghai Dragons this week. Usually, when a new league or tournament or round-robin starts up, you expect some teams to do better than others, and some to do worse than others. After losing their match on June […]

The Overwatch League Are Holding Their Own All-Star Game

Yes, it’s true, the Overwatch League are holding an all-star game. Technically, since all of these players were drafted from teams that were made before the league, you could argue every match is an all-star match, but it looks like they want to make two teams made up of the best of both divisions to […]

Blizzard to Add 6 More Overwatch League Teams

According to the latest reports, Blizzard plans to add six more teams to their successful Overwatch esports League, with Germany being the target country for the next Overwatch League team. Reports also indicate that South Asia and the Americas are also targets, but the priority for Blizzard’s new venture seems to be Berlin. This is […]


Hanzo’s Rework Won’t Make it to Stage 4 of the Overwatch League

The Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer has announced that Hanzo’s recent rework won’t be making it to the fourth and final stage of the Overwatch League. Over the last few days in the Overwatch League community, there has been a lot of talk about Hanzo’s rework. While conversations of whether it is ready or if it […]