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First Appearance Of Wolverine Original Art By Herb Trimpe Sells For Record $657,250

The original art for the final page of Incredible Hulk #180, which features the first published appearance of Wolverine, has just sold at Heritage Auctions for $657,250. This 1974 Marvel comics page was drawn by Herb Trimpe, inked by Jack Abel, and scripted by Len Wein.  Of historical interest, Wolverine's pose in that final introductory […]

Tintin: The Black Island Cover Art To Hit A Million Dollars

Another Tintin cover will be auctioned May 24th  by Parisiene auction house, Arcturial. Previously, one cover had sold for $1.6 million. The new auction is for the famous Black Island cover. It's possible the estimates below may be a little on the low side. The inked line art and color guide (created by Hergé himself) will be […]

Scott Pilgrim Versus The Post Office – Missing Art

A couple in San Francisco has posted about a couple lost packages from the post office. In the package were three pages of original art from Scott Pilgrim. Now the couple is trying to resolve this situation with the USPS, but if it turns out the pages weren't lost but rather taken, then folks should […]

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Ink And Paper

If you've ever collected anything, you know that the process of collecting something is a multiverse full of Roads Not Taken. That thing you had the chance to buy but didn't. That thing you shouldn't have spent money on but did anyway. That thing you could have gotten, if only you'd been there an hour […]

Reward For Stolen Luther Arkwright Page By Bryan Talbot

Have you seen this page from The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright, by Bryan Talbot? About twenty years ago, it was stolen while on loan for an exhibition. In all that time it's not resurfaced for sale. It may well be hanging on someone's wall, sold on from person to person, so Bleeding Cool is asking […]

Things To Do In Albuquerque, New Mexico If You Like Comics

The Stranger Factory is a new art gallery located in Nob Hill just off historic Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM. Featured in their main room from February 7th through March 2nd will be two artists that comic fans are very familiar with: Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood. Some of the pieces on display and for sale. Noto: […]

Who Wants To Die For Terry Moore?

If you haven't met Terry Moore, then you owe it to yourself to find him at a convention. He's a great guy, funny and we talk about guitars. Well Terry has himself a nice horror book out called Rachel Rising where his serial killer Zoe is running out of victims… and he's hoping you might […]

Have You Seen This Missing Mike Deodato Hulk Vs Wonder Woman Art? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: It's a Christmas story of good cheer, the missing artwork has been located and reunited with its owner! Mulled wine and figgy puddling all round! Mike Deodato packed and shipped this piece of original art depicting his Hulk vs his Wonder Woman, and was posted in late November for a client in Brooklyn. It's […]

Kevin O'Neill's Art For Nemo: Heart Of Ice, For Sale

We're a couple of months away from the release of the next League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic, Roses Of Berlin. So why not enjoy a look at the last one, Heart Of Ice? And maybe buy some of the pages? The original art for the entire book is available to buy, for one month only. […]

You Can Win 1 of 10 Jae Lee Sketches In Honor Of Dynamite's 10th Anniversary

2014 is Dynamite Entertainment's 10th anniversary, but they're closing out 2013 by offering up the chance for fans to win one of ten original sketches by Eisner Award-winner Jae Lee (Batman/Superman, Dark Tower). Lee will create a black-and-white head sketch of any Dynamite character for the lucky winners. Sketches will be sent out in late […]

Free Art Friday – Tone Rodriguez

A few weeks back I was on Facebook and noticed my friend Tone Rodriguez posted something he called Free Art Friday and a photo of a piece of art that he just put out there in Hollywood for anyone to pick up. This seemed kind of odd but interesting. So when I got a chance […]

Asterix Page Goes On Sale Next Month

Albert Uderzo is selling one of his original pages from Asterix And The Laurel Wreath, for charity. These pages are rarely sold, and the odds are it will attract considerable attention. Especially since Uderzo is no longer drawing the book… The auction will be on October 5th at the Salomon de Rotschild hotel in Paris, […]

Paul Pope Remembers Auctioned Page From Batman: Year 100

The motorcycle scene from Batman: Year 100 #4 went up for auction this week. Page twenty of the book was drawn by Paul Pope and was auctioned at ComicLink.com on August 29th and closed after 26 bids for $3,600.00. Pope drew the art on 19" X 24" board and used every inch as the art is […]

Bryan Hitch, Age Of Ultron And Auctioning Art

Bryan Hitch, the artist on Age of Ultron, announced today on his twitter feed that since Joss Whedon nicked the series title for the next Avengers movie, he'd go ahead and put some original pages from the series on ebay. And at some really good prices.   In celebration of Joss nicking our title for […]