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‘Captain Marvel’ Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick Wants to See Tic in Sequel

Kelly Sue DeConnick Wants to See Tic in ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequel

One of the most successful Marvel Cinematic Universe films in 2019, Captain Marvel, has a long and bright future ahead of her. Comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who’s run on the comic was the inspiration for the film’s script, has a certain character in mind to include for the sequel. DeConnick and Marvel Studios producer Mary […]

Many More Creators For Marvel Comics #1000 - Has to Be One-Page Stories

Kelly Sue DeConnick Returns to Marvel for Marvel #1000 with Artist David Lopez

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s last comic book published by Marvel was Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, a mini-series tying into the Secret Wars super-mega-crossover event. Since then, DeConnick has been concentrating on her own projects before recently joining DC Comics to write Aquaman. But now, DeConnick is back at Marvel… at least for one issue… […]

Kelly Sue DeConnick Says Captain Marvel’s Cat Goose is Female!

One of the interesting changes coming in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Captain Marvel film is the name difference of Carol Danvers’ cat. In the comics, the cat’s name is Chewy (after Chewbacca, of course), but in the film, the feline will have a new name. As revealed through some of the early merchandise for the Marvel Cinematic […]

Milkfed Criminal Masterminds Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction Partner with Legendary TV

Legendary TV is partnering with Milkfed Criminal Masterminds Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction to adapt and produce television works based on the pair’s vast omnibuses of comics titles, as well as original content from the creators for various forms of distribution. Milkfed is the production company behind such award-winning comic series BITCH PLANET, CASANOVA, ODY-C, PRETTY […]

Kevin Feige Says Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Run Inspired ‘Captain Marvel’

Marvel Studios is gearing up for their 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe release, the first to feature a female hero’s name as the title- Captain Marvel. Kevin Feige, head honcho of Marvel Studios for Disney, spoke recently with Bionic Buzz during the Ryman Arts Fundraiser (where the producer was honored with a special award) about just what comic […]

Looks Like Dan Abnett Will Stay on Aquaman Well Into 2019

Back in April Bleeding Cool ran the word that Kelly Sue DeConnick was to start writing the Aquaman comic. And this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con it was announced, with art from Robson Rocha. But according to the solicit for Aquaman Vol. 7 from DC Comics, that might not be for a while yet. Aquaman Vol. 7  […]

Confirmed: Kelly Sue DeConnick Retooling Aquaman’s Origin with Robson Rocha

Another one for the Rumour checklist. As we reported back in April, today’s DC Comics Publishers Panel at San Diego Comic-Con saw the announcement that Kelly Sue DeConnick will take over Aquaman. She will be joined by artist Robson Rocha.  Marcos Salinas at the panel reports for Bleeding Cool that DeConnick told the crowd that she […]

Amy Chu Says Kelly Sue DeConnick Is A KISS Jedi

The rock band KISS has been part of the comic industry since their first appearance in Howard the Duck #12 in 1977. They’ve appeared in comics from Marvel, Revolutionary, Image, Dark Horse, Platinum, Archie, IDW and starting this October, Dynamite. Writer Amy Chu talked to Byron Brewer about bringing back the music icons to the printed […]

Bitch Planet Athletic Wear Now Available In Sizes 3XS To 6XL

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool. Announced at the Milkfed panel at HeroesCon, Frogmouth has licensed Bitch Planet for athletic wear, available in sizes from 3XS to 6XL, right now, based on the comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick and  from Image Comics. “We found a love connection in terms of getting the full-size spectrum of Bitch Planet merchandise,” DeConnick said during […]

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writing For Wizard Of Oz NBC TV Show, Emerald City

Bleeding Cool reported earlier on the Milkfed panel at Heroes Con with the launch of their new website. But there was more to come. Jonathan Rich writes, Comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had a TV announcement to make at HeroesCon, that she has worked on episodes of Emerald City, the upcoming fall NBC show based on Wizard […]

Bitch Planet Short Stories Coming, From Cheryl Lynn Eaton And Maria Fröhlich (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool reported earlier on the Milkfed panel at Heroes Con, with the launch of their new website. But there was more to come. Jonathan Rich writes, During the packed Milkfed Criminal Masterminds panel, Kelly Sue DeConnick took the microphone to discuss the expanding worlds of her popular titles Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, as well as […]

Matt Fraction And Kelly Sue DeConnick Launch New Website, Milkfed.US (UPDATE)

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool. Although there were some technical hurdles to overcome with the initial announcement, the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds comic company has launched a new website to allow fans to be in the know about new titles, developments, and works from the indie professionals publishing under their brand. Saturday afternoon at Heroes Con […]

In-Store Convention Event Schedule And Guest Update

Big news for the In-Store Convention! The first tentative schedule and guest list has been announced. This one-of-kind live streaming event is sure to be a blast with a mixture like the one below! It all takes place at your local comic book shop, on Saturday, March 5 from Noon to 8:00pm ET. Top creators […]