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In-Store Convention Event Schedule And Guest Update

Big news for the In-Store Convention! The first tentative schedule and guest list has been announced. This one-of-kind live streaming event is sure to be a blast with a mixture like the one below! It all takes place at your local comic book shop, on Saturday, March 5 from Noon to 8:00pm ET. Top creators […]

From Content Warning To A Sad Reality: Bitch Planet #6 Review

The content warning for Bitch Planet #6 has been floating around the internet for quite some time now. It wasn’t the creative teams intention to create buzz, but instead warn readers that it was okay to skip the issue if they felt that sexual assault was too sensitive a subject to deal with. However, for me, it created […]

Bitch Planet #6 Standalone Special Issue Comes With A Content Warning

Image Comics, Bitch Planet was definitely my most memorable read of 2015. I stand by my stance of it being one of the most important comics to come along in quite some time. The sixth issue is going to be a standalone special, with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel) being joined by […]

Milkfed Unboxing Their Bitch Planet Trades On Periscope

Filmed by Kelly Sue DeConnick, the Milkfed Studio folks have shares their unboxing of the new Bitch Planet trade paperbacks on Periscope. Giving us all a sneak peek on the inside…   Including the back page…   And some colourful splash pages. And even the DCBS variant cover version – which Image Comics still does […]

Complex Female Protagonists In Hollywood? ‘They’re Taking Pitches, Today.’

A discussion at DragonCon enitled Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Comics, consisting of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Laurenn McCubbins, Damien Williams, John Flowers, Tini Howard, Kari Storla, and Daniel Amrhein had many highlights. You can read a number of them here.  DeConnick has been having meetings with network executives who are suddenly saying that they’re looking for complex female protagonists, […]

A Bitch Planet Party In Portland With Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick is coming to Floating World in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, October 7th to celebrate the release of Bitch Planet Vol 1: Extraordinary Machine. De Connick has become a powerhouse figure in comics, inspiring dedication from her readers. I wonder if Floating World is ready for them all? And ready for them all […]

The Rise Of The Female Superhero With Amanda Conner, G Willow Wilson, Medeith Finch, Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Babs Tarr, Kate Perkins, Tara Butters, Sana Amanat, Marguerite Bennett, Shelley Bond, Michele Fazekas, Hayley Atwell, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa Benoist And More. Like Grant Morrison, Axel Alonso, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio.

Amanda Conner, G Willow Wilson, Medeith Finch, Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Babs Tarr, Kate Perkins, Tara Butters, Sana Amanat, Marguerite Bennett, Shelley Bond, Michele Fazekas, Hayley Atwell, Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Benoist are joined by Grant Morrison, Axel Alonso, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio and more to talk about the rise of the female superhero for Yahoo […]

SDCC ’15: Image Comics – Where Creators Own Reality With David Lapham, Ed Brisson, Kelly Sue De Connick, Sina Grace, and Brandon Montclare(UPDATE)

David Brothers introduced panelists David Lapham, Ed Brisson, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Sina Grace, and Brandon Montclare. Brothers immediately began the panel praising Genius from Top Cow, about a young girl—who happens to be a military genius—uniting her neighborhood against the local authorities. “It’s very resonant if you follow the news,” Brothers said. “Even though it’s […]

Parisian White, A New Comic By DeConnick And Sienkiewicz

omg @kellysue is doing a book with @sinKEVitch!! Working title “Parisian White” #milkfed — kait the grait (@fourteenacross) June 20, 2015 @ComicsBeatLive @kellysue I’m beyond thrilled. The best is yet to come. — Bill Sienkiewicz (@sinKEVitch) June 21, 2015 I am still SO EXCITED ABOUT @kellysue doing a book with Bill Sienkiewicz that I could […]

Kelly Sue DeConnick Leaves Captain Marvel

Announced during the Milkfed Panel at HeroesCon yesterday, with Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick talking about their upcoming projects, DeConnick announced that she would be leaving the Captain Marvel comic book. @CaptMarvelNews So hard to go, but it’s time. — Kelly Sue DeConnick (@kellysue) June 21, 2015 Which ties in with a previous report […]

Bitch Planet Continues To Show Just How Resilient Women Can Be

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bitch Planet is a game changer. From Image Comics, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, with art by Valentine De Landro, Bitch Planet #4 picks up with inmate Kamau Kogo and her mission to put together a team of prisoners to complete in the all-male sport, Megaton. […]

Bitch Planet Matches Multiversity, Convergence And Justice League For Meta Moment

Today sees the final issue of Multiversity, the latest issue of Justice League and the fourth issue of Convergence. The former shows crashing realities as Grant Morrison brings all the plots from the one shots together into one final push. With comic books as the meta-way out and potential solution to everything. And previous Crises coming to the fore […]

ECCC ’15: Marvel Official – It’s Not A Reboot

When the Avengers storyline Time Runs Out was pitched to retailers at a private meeting last year, we pointed out that Marvel were teasing a reboot. Though we doubted they’d actually do it. DC Comics are the publisher of reboots after all. Indeed, their upcoming Convergence series is based on revisiting much that was rebooted away. […]

‘There Have Always Been Women In Comics’ – The Testament Of She Makes Comics

By Tony Wolf “There have always been women in comics. There have been women in comics for decades.” – Kelly Sue DeConnick Women in comics are finally getting the spotlight. But do you know the rich history of female comics creators? The new documentary She Makes Comics by director Marisa Stotter and Respect Films/ Sequart brings us […]

Stephen Wacker Addresses Captain Marvel’s Costume Change

VP of Current Animation at Marvel Entertainment and former editor Stephen Wacker took to twitter this morning to address the costume change that took Captain Marvel from her Black outfit with the thigh-high boots, red sash and yellow lightning bolt to the more militaristic blue, red and yellow we see now. He wanted to make it clear […]

Matt Fraction On *That* Deal, And Appointment Of Lauren Sankovitch And Kit Cox

On his and Kelly Sue McConnick‘s mailing list, Matt Fraction wrote about the news that they have entered into a two year deal with Universal regarding their work for television. I was reminded of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s comment that she took the Prometheus gig at Dark Horse, so she could be part of a writers room-style environment/summit, something […]

Sex Criminals A Steal On eBay

The news that Sex Criminals is being developed by Universal Studios on a TV deal with Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick has led to a massive increase in interest in back issues of the comic. A few days ago, an unslabbed copy of the standard cover for Sex Criminals #1 sold for $16, while the […]