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Mattel WWE Eilte 67 Collage

Promo Shots For Mattel WWE Elite Wave 67 Shown, Look Amazing

Mattel have revealed promo shots of the upcoming wave 67 of their WWE Elite line of figures, and it is one of the strongest sets they have done in a while. Since introducing their new True FX face scan technology last year, the figures for the most part have taken on a whole new level […]

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Backlash 2018: Randy Orton Takes on Jeff Hardy for the US Championship

#TheViper @RandyOrton is focused on becoming a 2-TIME #USChampion tonight at #WWEBacklash! — WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2018 Following two big title matches, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy followed suit for the US Championship. This new rivalry has been going on for a few weeks, ever since Hardy upstaged Orton for an open challenge […]

Wrestlemania Funko Reveal! Triple H, Asuka, Vince, Hardy Boyz, and More!

Wrestlemania 34 takes place in the SUPERdome this weekend, and Funko has gotten in on the fun by announcing a new wave of WWE Pop Tees and Pops figures. There are some really sweet figures in this assortment, both classic and new Superstars. All of these products will come out in the summer, but the […]

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Let's Take a Look at The Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was supposed to come out waaaaayyyyy back when Mattel started their WWE line back in 2010. Done up with his painted face and gear from the time, he instead left the company and the figure was pulled, much to the dismay of collectors. Every now and again, a carded prototype would sneak out […]

Jeff Hardy Crashes Car, Arrested for Driving While Impaired

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy is reportedly ready to return from injury, just in time for WrestleMania and the Ultimate Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. However, that plan may have smashed into a guardrail and come to a screeching halt last night, as Hardy reportedly did the same with his Cadillac, causing an […]

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WWE Teases "The Ultimate Deletion" Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania?

WWE may have teased the next phase of its plans for Woken Matt Hardy. On Twitter, the company posted the following message: COMING SOON: The Ultimate Deletion! — WWE (@WWEIndia) March 3, 2018 The tweet linked to a article, and the article referred to a tweet by Hardy himself, which read: By ABSORBING part […]

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RAW 25: Mayhem in the Back Room Poker Session

Here it is. My favorite follow-up to a promo ever. Joining the already playing team is Jeff Hardy, The Usos, and MVP. They've also realized (or at least, announced for the new comers) that Ted DiBiase is the closest ATM. Some more familiar faces have joined the poker game backstage…#RAW25 @JEFFHARDYBRAND @The305MVP @WWEUsos — […]

Delightful! Matt Hardy Has Won The War With Impact Over Broken Gimmick

Fans watching WWE Raw on Monday might have noticed something a little off about Matt Hardy after he lost to Bray Wyatt in a match. As the crowd chanted his name, Hardy seemed compelled to shout a familiar catchphrase: DELETE! Is something going on with @MATTHARDYBRAND? #RAW — WWE (@WWE) November 28, 2017 Of […]

Impact President Ed Nordholm: WWE "Not Interested" In Broken Hardys Gimmick

Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast recently (transcription via 411 Wrestling), and he opened up about the Broken gimmick, currently the subject of a legal rights dispute between Impact and the Hardys, playing out mainly via twitter feuds involving Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, and TNA official Dutch […]

Matt Hardy Broken Battle Not Done As Impact Wrestling Files Trademark Claim

Last month, it was looking likely that Matt Hardy could be Broken once more soon in WWE. Rumors on wrestling dirt sheets said WWE was looking to purchase the Broken gimmick from Impact Wrestling, as Hardy has been in an ongoing legal feud over the trademark mostly playing out via his wife Reby Hardy's Twitter […]


Is Matt Hardy Teasing The Return Of The Broken Gimmick?

Since The Hardys rejoined WWE at Wrestlemania, fans have been waiting for them to reprise the "Broken" gimmick that served as one of the high points of Impact Wrestling in 2016 while making due with what is hopefully a temporary nostalgia tour for the pro wrestling veterans. While the Broken gimmick has tied up in a […]

Reby Hardy Files New Twitter Brief In Feud With TNA Over Broken Hardys Trademarks

Pro wrestling organization TNA is currently involved in a battle with its former talent, pro wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy, over their BROKEN gimmick. The gimmick was one of the few bright spots of an otherwise dismal 2016 that saw the company almost taken over by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan before finally being actually taken over by Anthem Sports […]