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Hardys Sign With Ring Of Honor, Win Tag Team Titles, Won’t Return To WWE (Yet)

According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Matt and Jeff Hardy are not returning to WWE as they’ve signed with Ring of Honor. Meltzer claims that the deal is “long term,” extending beyond the previous limit on Hardys booking that would have allowed for a post-Wrestlemania return. The deal reportedly gives the Hardys creative control […]

Matt Hardy Officially DELETES TNA As Hardys WWE Return Seems Likely

Confirming yesterday’s reports that negotiations between Matt and Jeff Hardy and TNA Wrestling had broken down, Matt Hardy confirmed his departure from the company on Twitter last night: My stint with @IMPACTWRESTLING was DELIGHTFUL. EXCEPTIONAL talent & locker room. A great, respectful team that worked hard in tough times. — The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) […]

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy Coming To WWE?

Following months of speculation that Matt and Jeff Hardy would leave beleaguered TNA Wrestling and return to WWE when their contracts are up in March, it’s heavily rumored that it’s going to happen. For a long time, though it’s been known that the wrestling brothers have had the option of returning to WWE, it was […]

Watch Wrestling’s Crowning Achievement, Total Nonstop Deletion, For Free Right Now

The second most interesting thing going on in TNA wrestling, after the company’s ongoing internal power struggles, has been the bizarre antics of Matt and Jeff Hardy, who have seemingly been given complete freedom to do whatever the hell they want, resulting in what can only be described as both the epitome of Wrestlecrap while […]

TNA Wrestler Jeff Hardy Is Putting a New Album Out On Black Friday

This is former WWE champion, current TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy: Take a moment and imagine what kind of music you think he makes, based solely on that photograph with no other context. Really picture it. Got it? Okay, now check out this video from 2013: Is that exactly what you pictured it would sound like? […]

TNA Wrestler #Broken Matt Hardy Says He Received Thousands Of Votes In U.S. Election

Post-mortem analysis of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election may show that third party candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein helped propel Donald Trump to victory in one of the most shocking political upsets of all time, but at least one independent candidate managed to garner some votes without even running for office. Or at least that’s […]