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Marvel Teams Up With NY Jets for Fabian Nicieza Comic, Collectibles, More

Move over, Peter Parker! There’s a new lovable loser in the Marvel Universe! We’re talking, of course, about professional football team The Jets! The New York Jets (they’re too embarrassed to admit they actually play in Jersey) announced a partnership with Marvel in a press release today, with plans to produce game day collectibles like […]

Domino Annual #1

All-Star Cast and All-Star Creators Set for September’s Domino Annual #1

Domino’s new series may have just started, but due to popular demand (according to a Marvel press release), Marvel is giving fans even more with an Annual this September. And they’re pulling out all the stops. Gail Simone, Fabian Nicieza, Dennis Hopeless, and Leah Williams are all writing for the series, along with artists Victor […]

Deadpool Co-Creator Writes a World Cup Comic for Marvel and ESPN

In the latest brilliant brainchild from the House of Ideas, Marvel is hoping to explain soccer to Americans with the only thing less popular in America than soccer: comic books. Teaming up with sister-company ESPN, Marvel has produced a digital comic explaining the 2018 World Cup (that’s a soccer event) in 13 chapters, though each chapter […]

Joe Quesada on Why Newsstand Business Was Dreadful, Catering to Hardcore Fans

Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer and former Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada must be having a particularly boring Sunday, because he’s taken to Twitter to discuss the comics business with fans and fellow industry professionals. In one notable thread, Quesada reveals his philosophy on who Marvel should cater to (hardcore fans) and whether or not the fondly remembered days […]

Color Your Own Damn Dirty Apes: BOOM! Studios April 2018 Solicits

Brian Wood and Jorge Coelho bring your Robocop: Citizens Arrest #1, Nicole Andelfinger, Esdras Cristobal, Sarah Webb, Brittney Williams, and Ilaria Catalani bring you the R is for Reptar special, WWE brings you a Wrestlemania 2018 special, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Annual 2018 comes at you, and you can finally color your own Planet of the Apes. All this is brought to you by BOOM! Studios April solicits. Details below. ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST […]

marvel Northrop Grumman

Marvel Says Northrop Grumman Partnership Was About STEM; Plus Writer Fabian Nicieza Speaks

Marvel has issued an official statement about their short-lived partnership with Northrop Grumman, the world’s fifth-largest defense contractor and manufacturer of weapons such as ICBM missiles, nuclear stealth bombers, and ship-mounted laser cannons. You know, aerospace stuff. 😐 Marvel released an all-ages comic book with recruitment advertisements for Northrop Grumman, and were planning an event at their New York Comic […]

New Thunderbolts

Josh Talks ‘Thunderbolts’ Part 2: New Thunderbolts Vol. 1 – One Step Forward

After looking through the comments and past the people who took umbrage with the fact that I admitted my favorite comic books series wasn’t perfect, I got the feeling that many in the comments wanted me to talk about Fabian Nicieza, Kurt Busiek, and Tom Grummett’s New Thunderbolts series from 2004. That’s fine, because, when […]

Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 Review: Half A Good Book

As Bleeding Cool’s resident “Secret Empire is actually pretty good” guy and as someone who was looking forward to the debut of the new Patriot, Rayshaun Lucas, I felt that it was necessary to review this comic. Yes, it’s over a week old now, but that doesn’t mean that the material has automatically become stale […]

Deadpool Would Stick Oscar Up Butt, Implies Co-Creator

Veteran comic book writer Fabian Nicieza hit the Liefeld lottery when he joined superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld on creating Deadpool instead of a janitor. However, it seems that Nicieza and the Merc with a Mouth share a similar sense of humor. When Inverse.com writer Eric Francisco brought up a potential Oscar win for Ryan Reynolds’ […]

A Full Frontal Deadpool Review (Minor Spoilers)

Just come back from seeing Deadpool in Leicester Square. Man what a blast. They got the press in the right mind by offering shots served out of holsters of nubile young women with tied Deadpool T-shirts. Not much pansexuality in the promotions. Actually, that’s a point. Some folk really like to know specific details about […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – What About X-Men Origins: Wolverine Continuity?

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. An only-a-little-bit-spoilery review of the movie is here. But I have been asked about any references made to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that also featured Ryan Reynolds, as a mouthy sword swinging military operative Wade Wilson who is transformed into a cross-mutant monstrosity. This continuity is completely ignored, […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – The Pansexuality Of Wade Wilson

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A low-spoiler review of the movie is here. But before going in, I was asked by some Bleeding Cool readers if I could be explicit about the pansexuality of Deadpool, a character whose sexual preferences on screen may make him the first lead LGBTQI superhero character, as […]

Deadpool Movie Spoilers – Is Hugh Jackman In It At All?

I saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A much less spoilery review of the movie is here. But one question I have been repeatedly asked is about whether or not Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine, appears in the film. The answer is yes. Hugh Jackman does appear in Deadpool as Wolverine. But not […]