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Age Of Apocalypse From Fabian Nicieza And Gerardo Sandoval For Secret Wars?

When Leinil Yu tweeted he was working on a nineties style shoulder padded series for Marvel, we wondered if it it could be the previously teased Age Of Apocalypse series for Secret Wars. But its seems that Gerardo Sandoval stated he was working on Age of Apocalypse on Humberto Ramos' YouTube show Los Forasteros a couple of weeks ago… and we […]

Continuum's Jeff King To Write DC's Convergence Weekly Comic, USA Today To Announce?

<3 this "@JimLee: Happy Halloween everybody!!! Truth be told, we dress like this every day :D pic.twitter.com/LSIkKxDmcf" — Jeff King (@JeffKingTV) October 31, 2014 Bleeding Cool has been writing about the Band Aid/Blood Moon/Convergence event for quite some time now. Feel free to catch up. We now understand that Convergence will be twice as large […]

NYCC: Marvel 75th Anniversary: X-Men – The Shifting Face Of Mutantkind

Arno Bogaerts writes for Bleeding Cool Friday was Marvel Day at New York Comic Con. The publisher kicked off a series of panels in Room 1A18 celebrating its 75th anniversary. Things got started with the X-Men. X-editor Mike Marts gathered some legendary creators of the mutant books, including Rick Leonardi (New Mutants), Walter and Louise […]

More Creators Named Working On The DC Comics Band-Aid Project

We've already looked at a bunch of names of creators associated with what we are dubbing the DC Comics Band-Aid, an event expected to be announced at San Diego Comic Con headed up by Marie Javins. Previously we'd mentioned Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Grey, Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza as being attached. We have been handed the following list […]

Is X-Men Gold The Most Expensive Issue Of X-Men Ever?

In November, as part of the 50th anniversary of the X-Men, Marvel are publishing X-Men Gold, with creators Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza, Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, Bob McLeod and more. Chris Claremont, it may surprise some to learn, is exclusive to Marvel Comics. He's had a rolling contract with the publisher that pays him […]

Getting Your Scripts Critiqued By Gail Or Fabian [UPDATE]

That's right, they only need one word identifiers these days. You may have read about The Gathering at Bleeding Cool these last few months, a continuing comic anthology created by member of the Bendis board. Well they have come up with a rather unique way of funding their latest venture with Kickstarter. At $3400 of […]