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VIDEO: Doctor Who Clip From 5.6! Vampires In Venice!

Here we go, you lucky people, fresh from Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, a clip from Vampires In Venice, the sixth episode of the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith. And it all goes a bit Twilighty on our collective arses. And since you’re in the mood, why not enjoy the extended version […]

Russell T Davies, Jonathan Ross, Armando Iannucci, Ian Rankin, Muriel Gray and Frankie Boyle To Contribute To Mark Millar’s New Comic Project?

Bleeding Cool has been covering rumours of a Mark Millar collaborative comics project for some time now. Whether it’s an anthology, a series of comics and graphic novels or even an entire imprint, it seems that Scottish comic-book-writer-turning-media-megastar Mark Millar has gathered a group of traditionally-non-comics writers to contribute to it. Here’s a run down […]

Thursday Runaround – Skirting All The Issues As Usual

SkirtWatch: Bleeding Cool readers should be familiar with the concept of The Daily Mail, the British closest equivalent to Fox News. Columnist Alison Pearson, in a piece illustrated by the full length shot of Karen Gillen with a short skirt in Doctor Who, seen on the left, she writes; Since when was Doctor Who’s assistant […]

How America Sees The Doctor – And How The Brits Do Too.

Nothing like a trailer to sum up exactly how a media product is meant to portrayed. Take the American trailer for Doctor Who Season Five: And now the British version: Lots of the same images but a very different take. The British version leads with the female “companion”, an entry level character designed to drag […]

New NBC Show, Team Comicana Speak!

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an exclusive story on an NBC pilot that begins filming this week, Team Comicana, following geek culture around the world. The first shoot takes place tomorrow night on Shaftesbury Avenue, London, outside Forbidden Planet, following a number of people queuing for the Kick Ass signing by Mark Millar and John Romita […]

Friday Runaround – It’s Video Friday!

AdWatch: Kick Ass has moving posters in tube/train stations in the UK… DoctorWatch: BBC News ran a preview of the first episode of Doctor Who Series Five, featuring the Doctor meeting his new companion a few years too early… And apparently Brits will get a Red Button Preview of the show. LetteringWatch: Chris Sims takes […]

IDW Become Premier Publisher, One Of The New Big Five

CrossGen were promised it, but never got it. Boom! have been doing their best to achieve it. But IDW Publishing have the prize, the status of a Premier Publisher at Diamond Comics, shared by DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and the late Acclaim Comics. The premier publishing tag is more than just an honorific, […]

Friday Runaround – Doctor Wii?

BabyWatch: Congratulations to Matt Smith – the 2000AD editor Matt Smith that is – on the birth of one Evangeline Brunel Smith. It’s my eldest’s fifth birthday today. Your journey has just begun… Geronimo! V4VWatch: Old Holborn is a British libertarian blogger who likes dressing up in V For Vendetta regalia. And, on the back […]

Avatar Star Sam Worthington Is… Dan Dare?

Look, he may be Australian, but he was born in the UK, okay? That makes him one of ours and perfectly eligible to play Britain’s iconic military spacefarer, Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future. Pajaba are reporting that Sam Worthington, star of Avatar and the upcoming Clash Of The Titans, will be taking the role […]

We Broke Amazon, Everybody – Are They Refusing To Sell New Comics Now?

Oh dear. Right now, it seems as if Amazon isn’t taking any direct orders for large amounts of graphic novels distributed by Diamond Book Distributors. You can still buy copies of those books sold by people on Amazon Marketplace, but very little from Amazon’s actual warehouses themselves. Also they aren’t taking preorders for a large […]

A Single Girl’s Guide To Dating The Doctor

We’re weeks away from the debut of Matt Smith in the lead role of Doctor Who. And already the fangirlies are making their expressions of love to him known, after only seeing a very few seconds of him in action. And Matt Smith is, it seems a single man. No longer dating Brazilian punk singer/actress […]

Saturday Runaround: Millar Vs Tacos

Quote Of Last Year: If you steal my artwork, you will pay. In cash. Spank you very much and good night – Nick Simmons. MillarWatch: In a story for Latino Review about a rumoured remake of the Hitchcock movie Suspicion, regular source Pinche Taco also addressed Mark Millar’s contradiction of his/her previous report about Mark […]

A Grand Day For Doctor Who Cosplayers And Perverts Alike

Okay, nothing quite reached the price of an Action Comics #1 or a Detective Comics #27. But BBC Wales has put an awful lot of Doctor Who stuff up for sale very recently. Here’s few of the more interesting ones bought through Bonham’s auctioneers the other day. Kyle Minogue’s waitress costume from the character Astrid […]

Something Beginning With D #2 by Alasdair Stuart: Other People’s Toys

Tabletop roleplaying is in a bit of an odd place at the moment.  Dungeons & Dragons, long the flagship and millstone of the hobby is now effectively two churches, Pathfinder and 4th Edition, old stalwarts like GURPS and World of Darkness are starting to wane and the prophets of doom who’ve predicted comicmageddon for the […]

Sunday Runaround – Beanworld In The Summer

BeanWatch: Larry Marder unveils the cover to the next Beanworld volume, entitled “Something More” as the Beanworld enters Summertime, and the Beanworld cover to April’s issue of Dark Horse Presents, featuring a short Beanworld story. Beanworld is one of my favourite comic books of all time and it is to Dark Horse’s credit that they […]

That Matt Smith Doctor Who Trailer Cut And Diced

Okay, we’ve all seen it now… but what actually is going on? From a vampire story, shot in Trogir… Ah, Miss River Song, glad to see you again… or should that be Mrs Who? Vampire Swordsmen Can Jump First day at school! Miss Song, why so forward? And a bit of background TARDIS action! They’re […]

VIDEO: “Geronimo!” – Matt Smith Is Doctor Who

It’s on the BBC website, just for UK viewers. Ah but for the rest of you, here you go… Doctor With A Gun, Weeping Angels, Daleks, Fencing, Tunnels And All Tha Jazz. Oh and in a brief spoiler for the end of David Tennant’s last episode, in true Nikki Finke style, TOLDJA. And for UK […]

BBC Doctor Who Christmas Idents (UPDATED)

Every year, BBC One run a special themed series of idents for programming over the Christmas period. And this year, what with David Tennant’s final Doctor Who episodes playing out over Christmas and the New Year, the BBC have made the idents, well, a little Tardisy. Here they are… aren’t they pretty? (UPDATE: The first now in […]