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Official Blurb For The Christmas Day Doctor Who

The BBC have unveiled many specifics of their Christmas programming today, and amidst the details, published an official blurb for the special Doctor Who. Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, in a […]

Michael Moorcock Doctor Who Hardcover Over 75% Off

The Coming Of The Teraphiles, the Doctor Who novel by Michael Moorcock. What could be better for collective geekdom than this ultimate mash-up of influence and importance? Well how about where it’s currently on sale at Amazon for £3.99, down from the retail price of £16.99. That’s more that three quarters off the cover price. […]

Going To See Matt Smith On The Late Late Show

Arturo Garciato writes for Bleeding Cool; The first thing I can tell you is, this wasn’t nearly as hard to get into as the SDCC ’09 panel – you remember that one, Rich, with the extra-sized line outside the Convention Center before 7 a.m. My two friends and I arrived at the queue outside CBS […]

2000AD Parodies Doctor Who In Brendan McCarthy’s Judge Dredd

Beginning in 2000AD Prog 1712 out next week, Brendan McCarthy, co-creator of ReBoot and artist on Spider-Man Fever has created a two part Judge Dredd story, with Al Ewing scripting. Entitled Dr What? it involves Dredd tracking down “a time-travelling Doctor who rides a Mega-City Portaloo along the timewaves, altering history and changing the future […]

Sunday Runaround – The Anger Of John Byrne

CosplayWatch: Photo by Patrick King, from Wizard World Austin. Brilliant. EmotionWatch: The anger of John Byrne; “I realize that what I am about to write will unleash a torrent of comments across the ‘Net from those microbrains who are able to “think” only when someone tells them what to say — ie, when someone like […]

Torchwood Facts And Doctor Who Non-Facts

How much do you know about Doctor Who? I don’t know too much, I’m afraid, and I always refer to Rich on anything I’m not sure of. This is even though I suspect his knowledge is greatly padded with quick trips to the internet and I’m fully capable of using Google myself. Johnny and Dee, […]

Wednesday Runaround – “That Black Kid From FF 203”

SnarkWatch: Our Valued Customers (via Andy Khouri on Comics Alliance) (example right) CoverWatch: The Superman and Batman cover art that Bleeding Cool reported on last week starts to hit the news wires. AllStarWatch: More unnecessary confusion over All Star Superman. Seriously chaps, it’s not that hard… BatWatch: Dark Knight Rises starts shooting in Chicago in […]

The Doctor Now Has Five Hundred And Seven Regenerations (VIDEO)

It was just a throwaway line in the latest episode of Sarah Jane Adventures, with Matt Smith guest starring as The Doctor, written by Doctor Who supremo Russell T Davies. Regular character Clyde interrogated The Doctor on exactly how many times he could regenerate. Previously set at twelve for each Time Lord, creating a total […]

Ten Thoughts About Sarah Jane Adventures: Death Of The Doctor Part One

Bet you’ve missed me doing this haven’t you? Sarah Jane Adventures just broadcast the first part of the two parter, Death Of The Doctor, by Russell T Davies. 1. This Is A Children’s TV Show About Death So we have denial, we have mourning, we have the celebration of life, memories and friends that comes […]

Sylvester McCoy Confirms He Is The Hobbit’s Radagast The Brown

Bleeding Cool scooped back in August that Sylvester McCoy, best known as playing the seventh TV incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who, was up for the major role of the wizard Radagast The Brown in the upcoming Hobbit movies. And it was a casting he was happy to confirm at the Armageddon Expo convention […]

Saturday Runaround – Theft Of The Doctor

TheftWatch: A T-shirt maker steals a sketch of Matt Smith by 10 Doctors creator Rich Morris off the internet, then claims he has the original drawing and BBC permission when approached. When he clearly has neither. Contact me again and you can expect a knock on your door when I ring up the The British […]

VIDEO PREVIEW: The Death Of The Doctor

Monday and Tuesday sees a two part episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures airing on CBBC written by Russell T Davies. And guest-starring Matt Smith as The Doctor. And Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Boy, those torrents are going to be busy.

Mark Gatiss To Play Doctor Who’s War Chief? – UPDATED

Here’s a smartly coiffed bombshell that I really wasn’t expecting. From the looks of a picture and tweet that Mark Gatiss shared with the world this morning, he’s taking a role in the next season of Doctor Who as the War Chief, a rather evil Time Lord who hasn’t showed up in the series since […]

REVIEW: Doctor Who Live by Graeme Lyon

Graeme Lyon writes for Bleeding Cool: The story may be simple, but the experience is sublime. Hah! What a way to start a review. You can tell there’s not going to be a massive amount of negativity here, can’t you? Well, I will confess that I enjoyed Doctor Who Live in the way that only […]

First Teaser Trailer For US-Set Doctor Who Episodes

Here’s the first video teaser for Doctor Who‘s upcoming episodes that are to be shot in the US. My understanding of US geography is bad enough that I’ve no idea if we’re seeing the TARDIS in Utah there, or where. And yes, I know that’s two Who stories in a row, and both them about […]

Details Of Doctor Who’s USA-Set Two Parter

It’s no longer just a rumour: the Doctor is coming to America. In the two-part opening story of the next season of Doctor Who, everybody’s favourite timelord and (my favourite) companions, Amy and Rory, will all be taking a trip to the USA of the 1960s. According to the BBC’s press release, the episodes have […]

New Doctor Who To Be Shot In The States?

I’m finding that hardcore Whovians tend to be rather brilliant snoops. To whit: a tiny little CV for Doctor Who line producer David Mason was found buried online and mined for this interesting info: DOCTOR WHO X1.2 Director: TBA USA Location Shoot Producer: Marcus Wilson So, it would seem that the good Doctor is headed […]

Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who Teasing Continues

Here’s the latest dribble of Doctor Who to drip from the leak in the side of Neil Gaiman. He was speaking at the New Yorker Festival this weekend, and Ology (you get an ology, you’re a scientist) were there to reap some quotes. Last week, I told you that Gaiman’s 2011 episode features a character […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special Footage In The New BBC Autumn-Winter Promo

Here’s our first, brief glimpses of the next Doctor Who episode, 2010’s Christmas special, courtesy of a new BBC trailer made to promote their upcoming season of original drama. You’ll see Matt Smith, Kathryn Jenkins and Michael Gambon. There’s an awful lot of little bits and pieces in there – any of it in particular […]