Daybreak Games

Daybreak Games Adds the Teen Titans to DC Universe Online

In case you’re a fan of the Teen Titans, Daybreak Games has brought the team and their most famous story “The Judas Contract” to DC Universe Online. If you’re not familiar with the storyline, we won’t spoil the fun for you to find out what happens, but the storyline is only available for players over […]

Daybreak Games Celebrates 10 Million H1Z1 Players on PS4

The folks over at Daybreak Games would like to celebrate an H1Z1 milestone on the PS4 they achieved faster than some thought they might. The company announced earlier today that they have reached 10 million players on the console version of the game, reaching that goal far sooner than expected. It does make sense, if […]

H1Z1 is Getting a New Map Called Outbreak for Battle Royale

For those of you who haven’t abandoned H1Z1 completely and still love the game, you’ll be getting a new map this week called Outbreak. We have pictures for you, as well as details from the developers below in their press release for it this morning. But the short version is you’re getting an 8×8 map that’s […]

PlayStation Shows Off New Footage of H1Z1 on Their Console

For a lot of battle royale players, they’ve already moved onto PUBG or Fortnite and have left H1Z1 behind. But Daybreak Games isn’t planning on just going off into the sunset, as the company is working toward releasing the game on the PlayStation 4. To get some hype going for the game before it’s released […]

Daybreak Games Backpedals from Allegations of Russian Ownership

Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, was bought out by an investment firm back in 2015 and changed its name. The studio is mostly known for developing the shooter H1Z1, but has also worked on Everquest II and Planetside 2. However, the developer is in trouble now not for its game history, but a connection to a […]

Looking Over The Next Few Updates Coming To ‘H1Z1’ At PAX West

While a lot of the focus in the battle royale genre has been on another title, a lot of eyes have been on H1Z1 to see how Daybreak Games would respond to all the new stuff that’s now in a marketplace that they had previously cornered for a while. I got a chance to visit […]

‘H1Z1’ Gets Another Huge Update, Including Bringing Back Skirmishes

You can only run so fast when you’re running by yourself. For real, ever since BattleGrounds came out, we’ve been getting a bevy of updates to H1Z1, as if they’ve been in cold storage this entire time. Today, Daybreak released a new set of updates, complete with a trailer for you to watch about them, […]