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More Details Emerge About "DC Universe Online" For Nintendo Switch

More Details Emerge About “DC Universe Online” For Nintendo Switch

Coming off the SDCC announcement, more details have emerged about the content coming to DC Universe Online as it heads to the Nintendo Switch. Daybreak Games released new info this week about the upcoming additions to the game, including Metal parts 1 & 2. The next storyline will take us through the Dark Multiverse as […]

"DC Universe Online" For Nintendo Switch Will Be At SDCC 2019

“DC Universe Online” For Nintendo Switch Will Be At SDCC 2019

Daybreak Games has announced they will be bringing DC Universe Online for Nintendo Switch to show off at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The company released a few details today about their presence at the convention, letting fans know they can check out the first public hands-on demo of the game in the “Batcave,” a part […]

DC Universe Online is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

DC Universe Online is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

Big news from Daybreak Games this morning at DC Universe Online will finally be making its way to the Nintendo Switch this summer. According to the info out there, this will be the current version of the game. Or at least, the most up-to-date version with over 300 characters and all of the content that’s […]

Dungeons & Dragons Online Receives Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Dungeons & Dragons Online Receives Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Daybreak Games revealed a new expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online as players will be able to check out “Masterminds of Sharn”. The pack is being sold at three different prices at the moment as the Standard Edition is going for $40, the Collector’s Edition is going for $80, and the Ultimate Fan Bundle is […]

Daybreak Games and The Comic-Con Museum to Host Everquest's 20th Anniversary

Daybreak Games and The Comic-Con Museum to Host Everquest’s 20th Anniversary

Daybreak Games and the Comic-Con Museum will be hosting a special anniversary event for classic MMORPG Everquest. “EverQuest 20: A Living Legend” is a special exhibit designed to celebrate the groundbreaking franchise that popularized and changed the MMORPG genre 20 years ago. The exhibit will run from Saturday, April 27  through Sunday, April 28. In addition […]

Justice League Dark Available NOW for DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is still running strong, 8 years after its initial release. Bringing the world of DC Comics to life with a massive multiplayer experience, with players being able to create their own super-heroes to fight alongside DC favorites like Batman and Green Lantern. Now, there’s a whole new reason to log in to […]

H1Z1 Will Change Names Again to Z1 Battle Royale… But Why?

Some news out of the blue today as H1Z1 will officially change its name for the fourth time and will become Z1 Battle Royale moving forward. Daybreak Games has handed over the reins to a new developer, NantG, but will still remain the publisher of the title as they have taken over all of the assets […]

Justice League Dark Coming to DC Universe Online in March 2019

Daybreak Games announced today that a new episode of DC Universe Online will be coming in March, this one focused on Justice League Dark. Some of the new and returning heroes coming to the mix will include Zatanna, John Constantine, Mordru, Doctor Fate, Felix Faust, and Shazam. This will be a large-scale episode, with level-agnostic event […]

H1Z1 is Receiving a Free Expansion on the PS4 for Season 3

The PS4 version of H1Z1 is going to be getting a free expansion update with a ton of new content for the game as Season 3 kicks off next week. Daybreak Games will be kicking off Season 3 on February 21st, which will include what they’re calling the “largest update in the history of H1Z1 on […]

Daybreak Games Celebrates DC Universe Online’s Eighth Anniversary

Daybreak Games just released some new information about DC Universe Online as they are adding a few new things as part of the game’s eighth anniversary. First off, the Attack of the Anti-Monitor anniversary event will run until January 31st with rewards like the new Clown Prince style featuring Future Joker. By logging in, you automatically get […]

Daybreak Games Reveals PlanetSide Arena’s Release Date

This week, Daybreak Games announced the official release date for PlanetSide Arena, along with a new trailer to mark to occasion. The game will officially be released on Steam on January 29th, 2019. The game is basically a massive first-person shooter inside the PlanetSide franchise, and there are some big battle royale modes being planned […]

Daybreak Games Layoff Several Employees Before Holidays

Yet another game company has decided to lay off employees just before the holidays as it came out this weekend that Daybreak Games released about 70 employees. The word got out on Twitter from former studio president John Smedley, who in now-deleted tweets said, “Very sorry to hear about the layoffs at Daybreak,” and,  “70 people is […]

Daybreak Games Adds Atlantis Event into DC Universe Online

A few months ago we mentioned that Daybreak Games was going to add Atlantis to DC Universe Online. After four months of waiting, we finally have it. You’ll dive deep underwater to the legendary kingdom and deal with many of Aquaman’s allies and foes in a battle for the kingdom and its crown. Enjoy the […]

Lord of the Rings Online Receives New Legendary Server Named Anor

Daybreak Games just added a brand new Legendary server called Anor to The Lord of the Rings Online for players to experience. The server launched at 9am PDT, letting players experience the entire game from the beginning and then some. Here’s some of the features and perks that Daybreak have added this time around. New beginnings, […]

Daybreak Games Announces All Their Halloween Events in Their Titles

Like a lot of developers, Daybreak Games have decided to do a few different Halloween events for their respective titles. But rather than reveal them one-by-one, the company has released a complete list of what they have in store for you during the rest of October. If you have one of the games in the […]

Daybreak Games Announces EverQuest 2 Expansion “Chaos Descending”

Daybreak Games is giving EverQuest 2 a new expansion pack called Chaos Descending. Yes, that’s right, EverQuest 2 is still getting expansions in 2018. Chaos Descending is the latest in a veritable slew of EverQuest 2 expansion content, and its available now for pre-order. Players who pre-order the expansion get immediate beta access to the […]

Daybreak Games Adding New Content to H1Z1 on PS4

This morning, Daybreak Games gave a bit of a preview to some of the new additions they have on the way for H1Z1 on the PS4. While it may not be a laundry list of additions and improvements like a lot of people usually hope for in battle royale games, these are significant additions that […]

h1z1 ps4 battle royale launch

The PS4 Version of H1Z1 Will Finally Receive Battle Royale

In case you’ve been wondering when the PS4 version of H1Z1 would finally receive the full version of Battle Royale mode, the time is nearly upon us. Today Daybreak Games made the official announcement that the mode would leave open beta and be added in-full to the console on August 7th. As a bit of […]

DC Universe Online Atlantis

Daybreak Games Announces Atlantis is Coming to DC Universe Online

Daybreak Games announced today we would be getting a whole new world to explore in DC Universe Online as they’re bringing Atlantis to the game. Technically we won’t be seeing the update for a while as the new area won’t be added until November, but it didn’t stop the company from sharing some slim details […]

Daybreak Games Adds the Teen Titans to DC Universe Online

In case you’re a fan of the Teen Titans, Daybreak Games has brought the team and their most famous story “The Judas Contract” to DC Universe Online. If you’re not familiar with the storyline, we won’t spoil the fun for you to find out what happens, but the storyline is only available for players over […]