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Kody Chamberlain Fights Comics Piracy With A Tip Jar

What is a creator to do when faced with the piracy of his work? Enter into expensive legislation that may only target the symptom rather than the cause, and probably ineffectively at that? Rail online at the evils of piracy? Support ever increasing encroachment of civil liberty? Or support it, safe in the belief that […]

Yanick Paquette And Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing Easter Eggs (UPDATE)

Thanks to BuzzComics poster SJ for collecting these references to Swamp Thing’s creative past in the new Swamp Thing series from DC. Currently spotting references to Len Wein, John Totleben, 1971 – the year the character was created, Bernie Wrightson, Steve Bissette, Alfredo Alcala, Tom Yeates, Shepherd Hendrix, Dick Durock (who played the chatacter in […]

Saturday Trending Topics: Price Points, Page Counts, Paper And Pixels

  It was one of the most controversial topics of last year, and it is certain to be regularly discussed in 2012 as well.  Of course, it’s almost always a hot topic of conversation, and for good reason.  To me, the key point to ponder for the coming year will be whether economic and digital […]

Do You Know The Whereabouts Of This Brian Bolland Dark Judges Spread?

Are you a Brian Bolland collector? Do you have this piece of work in your collection? Brian Bolland writes; I don’t think I’ve posted this one already. No one seems to know where the artwork to this double page spread is. My friend Joseph Melchior, who has been selling my last few remaining bits of […]

How The English May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales by Cameron Hatheway

Following up from How Liberalism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales, Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool If you are an American like me, you’ve been reading fewer and fewer comic books over the last 13 years. For those of you who know what I’m complaining about, the weekly visit to the comic book store […]

Swipe File: Alex Ross And Fandom Rising

We’ve spoken about the casting announcement for Fandom Rising, a new planned reality TV show with a geek focus from the producers of Jersey Shore for MTV. The casting call is above with a Fritz Lang Metropolis figure with a Star Trek logo, for some reason… and in the back a figure from a different […]

Designing Hulk Season One

Hulk Season One is a new original graphic novel coming out from Marvel this year by Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler. And how will the Hulk or, say, General Ross, look in this new version of the story? Well Tom Fowler has been showing off his sculpting skills…     And also a non-official […]

What Will Join Batman And Detective Comics Together At $3.99? (UPDATE)

In an interview with Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama, Senior DC VPs Bob Wayne and John Rood announced that both Batman and Detective Comics would become $3.99 books in 2012, joining Action Comics, Men Of War, Justice League and All Star Western, with added pages in return for the extra dollar. Usually this means 28 pages […]

Marvel $5 Print Coupon For Any Digital Download Now In Effect

Comic retailers got the full news last night. And today it’s official, buy any comic on the Marvel digital app until midnight ET/9pm PT and get a $5 coupon for use in any US store from tomorrow. Marvel have raised the price of a few of their 99 cent comic, such as the X-Force Necrosha […]

Saturday Runaround – The Forgotten Grant Morrison

ConWatch: The Amazing Arizona Comic Con with an all star cast is kicking off now. Keep a visual eye on it here… LarsenWatch: The cover to Supreme 63 by Erik Larsen, drawn from a script by Alan Moore. ProphetWatch: Brandon Graham of King City and the new Prophet, blogs for Warren Ellis. I feel like […]

Friday Trending Topics: Fight Comic

Despite nearly universal criticism of AvX Versus in the forum, I love the idea — if properly executed. In an era during which we have tumblrs dedicated to [any narrowly-defined subject you care to name], and the appetite for distilled combat has been primed by [any other entertainment medium you care to name], the idea of a […]

Garth Ennis On Crossed: Badlands

Bleeding Cool people are very excited about the new bi-weekly ongoing Crossed: Badlands series from Avatar, and that Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows are returning to the book. So we talked to Garth about it all. Q:  CROSSED: BADLANDS will be published bi-weekly and ongoing.  The launch date will be celebrated as “C-Day” in comic […]

Protest Against SOPA By Giving Marvel Your Money

Marvel has received considerable criticism for being seen to support the SOPA legislation aimed at tackling piracy, but also with string freedom of speech issues. Successful SOPA legislation could also see websites shut down for the mere suspicion that they may be linking to a site with a copyright-infringing link on it. Which means that […]

AVX Versus, “The Least Essential Read Of AvX”

It has been said that some superhero comics offer nothing but fight scenes. It’s not meant to be a good thing. Today, Marvel have announced a new comic, AVX: Versus, which will, according to Tom Brevoort through CBR, “expand the battles seen in the main pages of AvX“. And that’s it. Two “stories” an issue, […]

How Conservatism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales

Yesterday, comic creator and reader Darin Wagner wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool entitled How Liberalism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales. I thought it was an interesting point of view, but not one I agreed with. I’m generally a bit of a lefty/liberal, but find certain aspects of my ideology tap into those associated […]

Marvel Chooses Stickers Over Polybags For Free Digital Downloads

Of late, Marvel has been giving away free digital downloads of their comics in certain select $3.99 titles. To keep the digital code for each copy secure, they have plybagged the comic, selling it in an opaque sealed plastic bag. This has caused some retailers difficulty – some report people are less likely to buy […]

Diamond’s Annual Retailer Summit Expands In 2012

As in 2010 and 2011, Diamond Comic Distributors is holding its annual Retailer Summit at the Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago in the days before, and in the same building as, C2E2. But rather than the one day of programming, talks and presentations on the Thursday and a retailer breakfast on the Friday, […]

Weeks-Ahead-Digital For Mitt Romney And Michelle Bachmann Comic Book

A number of publishers have moved to day-and-date digital comic books, releasing comics digitally on the same day that they are available in the major markets of the US, Canada and the UK. Bluewater, famed publishers of lightboxed slimline biography comic books of politicians and pop stars, is taking advantage of the current furore over […]

Now Grant Morrison Gets HIS Own Convention

Some people refer to the Kapow convention in London as MillarCon. Funded by Titan who publish Mark Millar’s CLiNT, it was run by his partner, and featured a number of guests closely linked to Mark Millar. And at the show, Mark Millar ran a number of panels, did some signings and happily chatted in the […]