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Disney’s New Dumbo Trailer: Wonder, Mystique, and Magic

The new trailer for Disney’s Dumbo shows us that Disney, Director Tim Burton, and all of the animators and actors involved appear to be hitting the right note for bringing this 1941 animated classic into 2019. The look and feel of the world they’re creating seems right from the short look we get at it […]

Stan Lee, Oliver Stone, and the Mystery of the Lost Stan Lee Movie Cameo

It’s no understatement to say that Stan Lee has become just as famous to the current generation of fans for his movie cameos, as he is for his co-creation of a very large chunk of the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Whenever a new Marvel movie is announced, questions about Stan’s cameo in the film […]

LeBron James May Reboot Friday the 13th Film Franchise

With horror films on the rise again in the wake of box office successes such as Halloween and It, it was inevitable that we’d be hearing about a Friday the 13th reboot eventually, and here we are, with a surprise twist: according to Bloody Disgusting, LeBron James and his Springhill Entertainment production and development company […]


Emma Watts Will Lead 20th Century Fox Film in the Disney Era

Emma Watts, the 20th Century Fox exec who has overseen  several of the studio’s most successful franchises, including X-Men, Deadpool, Planet of the Apes, and Logan, will continue as Vice Chairman and President of Production of the studio in the Disney/Fox era, reporting to Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn. Present Fox Chairman and CEO Stacey […]


Happy! Season 2: Making Easter Great Again with Weird Al and More Morrison Magic

Ray Flook, Bleeding Cool’s designated televangelist at New York Comic Con and other environs, wants me to tell everyone that Happy! Season 2 is going to Make Easter Great Again.  WWE star Big Show has a role in season 2, as does Ann-Margret, and of course Bryce Lorenzo and Christopher Fitzgerald will return from season […]

Batman 1839, Part 1: Mad Men of Gotham

Indeed the materials are so profuse that the author who deals in them requires neither invention nor imagination, but merely a fair talent for telling the truth takingly, for once he begins, he will find it scattered about him in rich confusion, any quantity of the prettiest and most interesting little loves — murders — […]

Getting Ready for the Year of the Bat

Vintage comic book anniversary milestones are my very favorite kind of nerd holiday.  I’m not much of a convention guy (yeah… I know, I know), and of course I love collecting and talking about old paper, so the big gold and silver age anniversaries are definitely my thing. I’m always curious to see what the […]

Fandom 1842: Happy 176th Birthday, Comic Books in America

On September 14, 1842, a publication which has widely been considered the first comic book to be published in the United States of America was released by a publisher called Wilson & Co.: Brother Jonathan Extra No. 9, better known as the Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck. It was an English translation of an 1837 […]

Rare Superman Comics Ashcan Auction Closing Tonight at Comic Connect

As a serious Superman collector myself, I’ve wanted one of the three known copies of this Superman Comics Ashcan ever since I started reading Gary Colabuono‘s articles about the DC Comics ashcans in the mid-1980s. Historic, incredibly rare Superman? Sign me up. As a matter of fact, I made a point of checking out Colabuono’s […]

Super Weird Heroes v2.4: We Never Sleep

The story behind this particular Super Weird Hero starts — as many such stories did in those times — with a man named Everett “Busy” Arnold. As Wikipedia puts it, the company that published The Eye, the… um, character? … which is my subject today from Craig Yoe‘s Super Weird Heroes Volume 2, (in stores […]

Super Weird Heroes v2.3: Who Will Be The Man of Tomorrow?

The Hip Knox story that Craig Yoe has chosen for inclusion in his Super Weird Heroes Volume 2 is one of my favorite weird tales in this book, but not just for the story itself.  Oh, the story is certainly quite weird, and the character is very weird indeed, but the thing that makes this […]

Super Weird Heroes v2.2: The Zookeeper of Berlin

If there’s one thing that studying comics history has taught me, it’s that there’s usually a reason for Weird. A series of disconnected events transforms into a streamlined narrative, perhaps a chance meeting with an infamous figure inspires a villain for the ages, or just maybe a brush with a radioactive rat turns into a […]

Super Weird Heroes v2.1: Gene Simmons, Steve Ditko, and Hand Gestures of Power

Comics creators are collectively among the most powerful forces on Earth. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  They’re connected to everyone and everything. They’re the original masters of memetics.  This is why Thomas Nast had political clout in the 19th Century that the likes of Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart could never dream of […]

Marvel Declassified 3: All Sorts of Subliminal Messages

I love comics history and the history of American periodicals in general, and enjoy figuring out things about that history that few people know. The Bleeding Cool staff has heard so many of these forgotten moments from our printed-matter past, that Rich occasionally stops me mid-anecdote and tells me I ought to do a post […]

Marvel Declassified 2: High School Experiments in Radioactivity

About a year before the debut of Spider-Man by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in Amazing Fantasy #15, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the National Science Foundation sponsored a course for high school students to learn about radiation and its effects on living creatures. Equipment including Geiger counters were provided, and high school science […]

Marvel Declassified 1: This Car Will Go Through the Atomic Blast

I’ve spent a long time thinking about where to start this complicated, strange story that I stumbled across several months ago while researching the true origins and inspirations of Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s a story that rather neatly unfolds step by step across the chronology of 1950s through 1960s America, and beyond. It’s also an […]

Warner Bros Film SDCC 2018 Hall H Presentation Live Blog: Aquaman and Shazam!

Warner Bros is always one of the highlights of SDCC Hall H presentations, and this year should be no exception: We should get an Aquaman trailer, perhaps some sort of look at Shazam!, plus Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, and more. Kaitlyn […]

Sony SDCC 2018 Hall H Presentation: Spider-Verse Time

We are back for yet another Hall H panel! This time we’re here for Sony Pictures who we are expecting some Spider-Man related stuff! Kaitlyn Booth is in Hall H doing her best Peter Parker routine, tiny spy camera included. Now she just has to wait for the villain to show up…