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The Flash, Green Lantern, and the Art of the Vintage Reboot

The Flash, Green Lantern, and the Art of the Vintage Reboot

A tale of the Multiverse: it’s pretty impossible to remember this in the era of always-on superhero content, but there was once a world where major superheroes vanished without a trace. No warning, no explanation, you just went to the newsstand one week and instead of a new issue of The Flash or Green Lantern, there […]

Will Justice League Beat The Avengers... Again?

Will Justice League Beat The Avengers… Again?

Confession: I finally got around to watching the Justice League film recently and… absolutely loved it.  I think I liked it way more than most people because I’m a comics history nerd, and like all of Zack Snyder‘s DC Comics films, Justice League is filled to the brim with comics history easter eggs. I haven’t […]

Spider-Man 1st Appearance Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 9.2 Hits $598,000

Spider-Man 1st Appearance Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 9.2 Hits $598,000

We’ve covered a lot of chart-busting sales of the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 during the first decade of Bleeding Cool.  It is perhaps the most liquid single vintage comic issue across the entire range of grades in all of the comic book collecting hobby. Spider-Man himself is seemingly immune to the […]

Thor: Ragnarok Art, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Having Lunch with the Thing

Thor: Ragnarok Art, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Having Lunch with the Thing

As a collector of vintage comics, other old paper, and original art myself, I’ve often said that there’s a lot that even a very good scan can’t tell you about the historical paper object in question.  The quality and nature of the ink, the texture of the paper, and often even the smell of the […]

Will Marvel Phase 4 End in A Secret War?

Will Marvel Phase 4 End in Secret Wars for the MCU?

With Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel both heading into box office history and Marvel’s Hall H presentation at San Diego Comicon just weeks away (presumably), the Marvel Cinematic Universe rumor mill is about to go into overdrive regarding what’s coming up in Marvel Phase 4.  Part of the fun of these rumors is thinking about […]

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

After making original comic art auction history just last month with the $5.4 million sale of Frank Frazetta‘s cover painting for Eerie #23, the famous “Egyptian Queen” painting, Heritage Auctions has one heck of a follow-up on their hands with this week’s European Comic Art Signature Auction. The headline piece of the auction, Hergé‘s very […]

BC at 10: Entertainment News in a Future Gone Horribly Right

BC at 10: Entertainment News in a Future Gone Horribly Right

If I had to distill what’s happened in the wide, wild, wonderful world of comics and entertainment during BC’s first ten years, it would boil down to this: The Avengers franchise accounts for four of the top 10 films of all time, and not only did nobody see that coming, but the world was also […]

Captain Marvel, Legion X and the Civil War

With anticipation running high for the Captain Marvel movie ahead of its March 8, 2019 premiere, you’re sure to run across a few articles telling you that Carol Danvers is not the first comic book Captain Marvel. Nor is she the first Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics. A few of those articles will even tell […]

The Silent Night Dies Hard: Hans Gruber and Franz Gruber

While it’s universally agreed that the original Die Hard is one of the finest Christmas movies ever made, there’s a part of the Die Hard Christmas legend that’s far lesser known: for 30 years now, Die Hard fans have pondered the similarity between the name of Silent Night composer Franz Gruber and the name of […]

Boris Karloff’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

Horror film icon Boris Karloff was born William Henry Pratt in East Dulwich, London on November 23, 1887. Legendary for roles such as the Monster in Universal’s Frankenstein (1931) and as Imhotep in The Mummy (1932), Karloff went on to an incredible career of nearly 200 films. He was also a founding member of the […]

Turkey Vigilantes, Dead Rabbits, and the Greatest Thanksgiving Story of All Time

Happy Days #314, the October 20, 1900 cover-dated issue of the weekly story paper from publisher Frank Tousey, is very likely the greatest Thanksgiving newsstand fiction periodical cover in the history of history. The title story is the opening chapter of a multi-issue serial by “C. Little”, a pen name for prolific dime novel-era writer […]

Tom Cruise Will Never Go Back to Jack Reacher Again

“His knuckles were nearly touching the ground,” wrote Lee Child of his now-famous protagonist Jack Reacher in the 2012 book A Wanted Man. “His neck was thick and his hands were the size of dinner plates…A wild man. But not really. Underneath everything else seemed strangely civilized….His gaze was both wise and appealing, both friendly […]

Vincent Zurzolo On The Human Element of Stan Lee’s Super-Heroes

Quotes about the relationship between power and responsibility have been around a lot longer than you might think. Voltaire talked about it in the time of the French Revolution. Winston Churchill spoke on the concept in front of the House of Commons in 1906. Theodore Roosevelt brought it up when he explained his reasons for not seeking a […]

Disney’s New Dumbo Trailer: Wonder, Mystique, and Magic

The new trailer for Disney’s Dumbo shows us that Disney, Director Tim Burton, and all of the animators and actors involved appear to be hitting the right note for bringing this 1941 animated classic into 2019. The look and feel of the world they’re creating seems right from the short look we get at it […]

Stan Lee, Oliver Stone, and the Mystery of the Lost Stan Lee Movie Cameo

It’s no understatement to say that Stan Lee has become just as famous to the current generation of fans for his movie cameos, as he is for his co-creation of a very large chunk of the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Whenever a new Marvel movie is announced, questions about Stan’s cameo in the film […]

LeBron James May Reboot Friday the 13th Film Franchise

With horror films on the rise again in the wake of box office successes such as Halloween and It, it was inevitable that we’d be hearing about a Friday the 13th reboot eventually, and here we are, with a surprise twist: according to Bloody Disgusting, LeBron James and his Springhill Entertainment production and development company […]