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Editor-in-Chief at Bleeding Cool. Independent comics scholar and former English Professor. Writing books on magic in the works of Alan Moore and the early works of Neil Gaiman.

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Glorious SPX – A Brief Chat with Copra’s Michel Fiffe

By senior SPX Correspondent David Dissanayake If you aren’t reading indie-superhero hit Copra by Michel Fiffe, you really should be.  The book is being touted as one of the best current ongoing series in comics by people like Tim Callahan and Matt Fraction to name just a couple of the big names who are talking […]

Glorious SPX—Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro Say Comics Are A Pop Culture Collage

Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, opened to lines for admittance and a happy bubbling flow of conversation laced with plenty of excitement, not just to see the eye-candy floor (walking around SPX feels like walking through a psychedelic comic at times), but also for the panels running this year featuring many fan favorite creators. […]

Waking Up From the Dream Project: NIGHTWORLD Rises at Last?

I spoke with Adam McGovern at Baltimore Comic Con last weekend about his new Kickstarter project, which he describes as “meta schlock inspired by Kirby classics and Mario Bava monster movies”. That alone was enough to pique my interest. He’s been working towards the project since 2005 with long-term dedication, and the genesis of the […]

The Big Two Vs. Creator Owned Comics – Brian Wood at Baltimore Comic Con

In a panel Spotlight at Baltimore Comic Con hosted by Deputy Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Alex Cox, Brian Wood had a lot to say about the pros and cons of working for the Big Two versus working in creator owned comics in his career including the stability the first offers and […]

Freakmagnets and Criminal Indictments—Archie Comics at Baltimore Comic Con

Archie Comics has been called one of the most progressive comics publishers around for some time now, particularly since the 2006 introduction of gay character Kevin Keller to the Archie universe. Several soon-to-be-released series like Afterlife with Archie and The Fox suggest that Archie Comics doesn’t shy away from shifting its public image these days […]

10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Baltimore Comic Con

If you’re headed to Baltimore Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday, even one full day at the con will offer a wide-ranging experience, provided you spread out the types of things you plan to do. There’s something special about Baltimore Comic Con, and that’s its intense focus on the history, craftsmanship, and community behind making […]

Sexy Time Travel Triumphs in Jess Fink’s We Can Fix It!

Jess Fink has been doing strange things with comics for some time now, and her new book released from Top Shelf this May doesn’t disappoint, which is good news for those who want to see her become even more bizarre and exuberant in her work than even she has been before. In We Can Fix […]

All-Star Signing: Ann Nocenti, ChrisCross And Dan Slott In Manhattan Tonight

Tonight at 6PM, JHU Comic Books  (formerly known as Jim Hanley’s Universe) will host Ann Nocenti, ChrisCross, and Dan Slott at their Manhattan location at 32 East 32nd Street for a signing. Nocenti and ChrisCross celebrate the release of Justice League Dark issue 23.1 as part of “Villains Month”, and Slott has a new Superior […]