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Dad & Kid: Dad is Spencer Ellsworth, who has written for BC & many other sites, and whose space...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/15/2017

By Spencer Ellsworth Nick Roche got his start as a comics artist at IDW Publishing, illustrating and...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 10/26/2015

By Spencer Ellsworth “Force Friday” came and went this last week, giving us a host of amazing Star...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 09/07/2015

By Spencer Ellsworth No, I won’t tell you where I got it....

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 01/16/2015

By Spencer Ellsworth The female robots in IDW Transformers comics have been a source of controversy...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 12/18/2014

By Spencer Ellsworth Here I am, exactly where I shouldn’t be. In the virtual sense, that is....

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 12/08/2014

By Spencer Ellsworth It's Women in Comics Month this may, so it's a particular honor to welcome G....

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 05/08/2014

Spencer Ellsworth writes: Simon Furman is, to quote the man himself, “like unto a living god,” at...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 03/03/2014

By Spencer Ellsworth Dark Cybertron has been disappointing thus far, following the trend of many an...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 02/11/2014

By Spencer Ellsworth Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad tales of the death of franchises....

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 01/13/2014

By Spencer Ellsworth Transformers creators, old and new, are fighting....

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 01/02/2014

Spencer Ellsworth writes: Did 2013 leave you dizzy?...

By Hannah Means Shannon, on 12/18/2013

Spencer Ellsworth writes; If you love Kieron Gillen (if you don't, shame on you), you may have noticed...

By Rich Johnston, on 12/08/2013

Spencer Ellsworth writes: The thing about reading Transformers comics: it's one of those nerd habits...

By Rich Johnston, on 12/07/2013

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