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Centerpiece of his wrestling empire battling the likes of Andre the Giant, ”Rowdy” Roddy Piper, ”Macho Man...

By Tom Chang, on 02/20/2019

How much of the golem is still in the man, or the man in the golem?...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/20/2019

Action-packed adventures of the amazing arachnid, told in awesome animated style!...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/20/2019

Character and while the second and the longer one posted to Sony's official youtube channel are about the animation...

By Kaitlyn Booth, on 02/19/2019

Anime fans wait with bated breath for their upcoming My Hero Academia and One Punch Man figures....

By Jeremy Konrad, on 02/18/2019

Man, those are some gorgeous looking kaiju....

By Jeremy Konrad, on 02/17/2019

To turn their playtime fantasies into reality, mega toy company Mattel is developing a slate of 22 animated...

By Ray Flook, on 02/15/2019

Norman Felchle, artist for Superman, Spider-Man, Resident Evil, WildC.A.T.S....

By Rich Johnston, on 02/15/2019

V=_cp_g_UBIXc& Excellence follows Spencer Dales, a young man born into a world of...

By Jude Terror, on 02/14/2019

Our LBCE lineup includes Batman, Spider-Man, Mega Man, Hermione Granger, and more!...

By Jude Terror, on 02/12/2019

War Gris Marvel’s Spider-Man Animation, Technical Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Detroit...

By Gavin Sheehan, on 02/11/2019

Oh, man! It looks like that freaky old roommate of Marcus' is showing up to say hi!...

By Leigh Kade, on 02/10/2019

(Nightwingand Speedy) (1988–1989) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons #23, 31–32, Annual #1 (1990–1991) Animal...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/09/2019

Chittagong Comic Con, Bangladesh Farpoint – Hunt Valley, Maryland Seishun Con – Atlanta, Georgia Anime...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/09/2019

For a man who spent his entire television life binging on doughnuts like the recipe was about to be lost...

By Ray Flook, on 02/08/2019

The categories and nominees for this year's DICE awards are: Outstanding Achievement in Animation...

By Madeline Ricchiuto, on 02/08/2019

•  Once they were superstars of the Funny Animal Comedy circuit!...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/08/2019

Beehive, Helston, Cornwall Farpoint – Hunt Valley, Maryland Seishun Con – Atlanta, Georgia Anime...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/08/2019

You’re a wild animal. You get it more than anyone.'...

By Ray Flook, on 02/07/2019