Want a Piece Of Wolverine? Otis Investments Allows You to Partially Buy a Copy of Incredible Hulk #181

Otis is a company specialising in what they call ‘alternative asset ownership’, and making this more accessible to the public by allowing fractional ownership into what they call ‘cultural grails’. They describe themselves as ‘pioneers in the new fractionalized ownership space of alternative assets’ – and that, apparently includes vintage comics.

And next week that means offering shares in a 9.8 CGC graded edition of The Incredible Hulk #181, the first full appearance of Wolverine.

Backed by Union Square Ventures, Otis allows anyone to invest in cultural assets such as art, sneakers and collectibles for as little as $25. They call these opportunities ‘drops;’ and their first ‘drop’ was a painting by Kehinde Wiley, who painted the Obama presidential portrait that is now in the DC Smithsonian. It closed out within 2 weeks with 600+ investors. Their second drop was earlier this week – a pair of 2016 Nike Air MAGs – which closed out in 24 hours with over 200 investors.

Next week, they’ll be dropping a painting by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh and that copy of Incredible Hulk #181 on their app. They have also acquired two more comics that we’ll bring to market in early 2020.

A copy of a 9.8 CGC Hulk #181 recently sold for $$59,000 at auction.

So… who wants a piece of Wolverine?

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