The Daily LITG, November 6th 2019, Happy Birthday Lara Antal

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. When Kevin Eastman Draws X-Men
  2. DC Comics Has a Back-Up Plan For 5G – and It's Called Black Label?
  3. Why is "Terminator: Dark Fate" Bombing So Hard? [Opinion]
  4. Earth One Aquaman Being Repurposed by Francis Manapul For DC Comics 5G?
  5. "Supernatural": Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles Respond to Arrest
  6. Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals Why the Terminator Franchise is Dead
  7. Kurt Busiek Announces Marvel, Marvel Snapshots and The Marvels With Alex Ross – Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  8. Is Shirtless Batman Sexier When He Speaks or Stays Silent? Batman #82 [Preview]
  9. "The Orville" Season 3: Anne Winters Joins Seth MacFarlane Series
  10. "The Terminator" (1984) Doesn't Stand the Test of Time

One year ago…

  1. Batman Writer Tom King Says Donald Trump Acts Like an Undercover Agent
  2. The Walking Dead: AMC to Continue Rick Grimes' Story in Film Series
  3. The Death of Civility in Next Week's Immortal Hulk #8
  4. Brie Larson Shares a New Look at Captain Marvel
  5. Marvel's Final 94-Volume Hardcover Liquidation List for 2018

Happening today…

And a happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, November 6th 2019
Photo by Tracy E. Jones Photography
  • Lara Antal, comics artist, co-creator of Tales Of The Night Watchman, owner/publisher of So What Press
  • Jeff Pina, graphic novelist of Dr. Oblivion's Guide to Teenage Dating, Imaginatives, Monkey In Space, SuperPawn and Bosco & Fleet: Detectives of the Occult Sciences.
  • Marlin Shoop artist on Grimm Fairy Tales and GI Joe.
  • Jenni Gregory, writer/artist on Dreamwalker, Summoner, Abby's Menagerie, Rocs' Keep, Becky's Alie

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