The Daily LITG, 14th October 2019, Happy Birthday Cam Kennedy

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The 12 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Epic Games Trolls Fans By Ending “Fortnite”, Causes Twitch Errors
  2. “Oathbreaker” Ban List Updated – “Magic: The Gathering”
  3. Violent Trump Video Based on Kingsman: The Secret Service Shown to Supporters, Condemned
  4. Suspended “Hearthstone” Player Blitzchung Responds To Blizzard
  5. Moira MacTaggert Will Get Her Own Comic in Dawn Of X
  6. NYCC ’19: Hasbro Unveils Transformers – War for Cybertron: Earthrise Figures
  7. House Of X and… White Nationalism?
  8. Alfred Pennyworth Critiques Batman as a Rich Man Just Beating Up Poor People
  9. “The Rookie” Season 2 “The Bet” Blasts The Past With Guest Cast-le [PREVIEW]
  10. “American Horror Story: 1984”: “True Killers,” Mostly Filler [Spoiler Review]
  11. An Eleven-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About The “Fortnite” Crash
  12. Tom King’s a Real Bastard – and Why He Should Write a DC Black Label Book

One Year Ago

  1. Gun Media Discusses the Future of Friday The 13th: The Game
  2. The Futures of Turtles, Ponies, Ghostbusters, and Kyle Baker’s Black Panther Debuts in IDW January 2019 Solicitations –
  3. Comic Shops Get an Exclusive John Constantine Funko POP for Free Comic Book Day 2019 (UPDATE)
  4. So Who Wrote These Words in Justice League and Aquaman: Drowned Earth? (Spoilers)
  5. Damian Wayne Gets A Crush – But Not on Crush (Teen Titans #23 Spoilers)

Happening today…

And a happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, 14th October 2019, Happy Birthday

  • Cam Kennedy, 2000AD, Judge Dredd and Star Wars artist, co-creator of The Light and Darkness War.
  • Steve Epting, artist, co-creator of Winter Soldier and Velvet
  • Tye Bourdony, owner of SciFiPulse
  • Comic book reviewer Kat Hill
  • Andrew Peterson, Over Night Empire Owner/Artist/Writer
  • Pokemon journalist Christian Hoffer

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