Bounty Hunters From “The Mandalorian” Get Kotobukiya ARTFX Statues

Bounty hunters always intrigued Star Wars fans, ever since their appearance in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. The mystery surrounding these characters was always just so appealing. November 12 we will finally be getting a live-action Star Wars television series surrounding the bounty hunter life. Kotobukiya takes their step into the Outer Rim with The Mandalorian with two new upcoming ARTFX+ statues. Arriving first is bounty hunter IG-11 who is ready to collect some bounties. The statue shows the assassin droid posed with a blaster rifle in hand. The detail for IG-11 is quite remarkable as every little mechanical piece is detailed to perfection. The Mandalorian is also getting his own Kotobukiya ARTFX+ statue. Posing a battle stance, he has a rifle on his back and a pistol in his hand. This statue shows off of a western-style theme and I really enjoy that. The paint also goes well as it is not weathered and pretty bright. Both of the statues would be perfect for any Star Wars fan or a fan of the upcoming television show The Mandalorian.

Bounty hunters IG-11 and the Mandalorian are both available for pre-order already. The Mandalorian is priced at $100 and is set for a release on January 2020 his link is here. Ig-11 is priced at $110 and is scheduled for release February 2020 and his pre-order link is here. With the show being revealed next month I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more bounty hunter statues come out from Kotobukiya.

It’s a big world out there, take a blaster.

Credit: Kotobukiya

New character IG-11 from the new drama series “The Mandalorian (original title)” has appeared in the standard, ARTFX + series of Star Wars figure of KOTOBUKIYA!

Five years after “Return of the Jedi”, a story featuring a bounty hunter called “Mandalorian” for the prize money.

Expand your view of the world alongside the main character “Mandalorian”.

Available – February 2020

Credit: Kotobukiya

“The Mandalorian”, the main character Mandarorian appears!

Five years after “Return of the Jedi”, a story featuring a bounty hunter called “Mandalorian” for the prize money.

Line up with the next release of “IG-11” to expand the world.

Available – January 2020


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