The Daily LITG, 24th June 2019 – A Long And Watch-Winding Road

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The 5 most-read stories yesterday

  1. DC Comics Cancels The Road To Watchmen
  2. Brian Bendis Locked in Desperate Struggle with Hackers as Crisis Enters 4th Hour
  3. Making She-Hulk Sensational Again in Avengers #20 (Preview)
  4. Sorry, "Angel" Fans: Joss Whedon Says Series Finale Wasn't a Cliffhanger
  5. "American Horror Story": "AHS: 1984" Filming? Billy Eicher Not Returning

Happening today:

Mike Deodato on Quitting Marvel For Creator Owned Comics

And a happy birthday to:

  • Kevin VanHook, comics writer, artist, filmmaker.
  • Denis Rodier, artist on Death Of Superman.
  • Alan N. Zelenetz, co-creator of Alien Legion.
  • Carlo Pagulayan, artist on Hulk, Elektra, creator of Korg.
  • Liam Francis Walsh, New Yorker cartoonist and graphic novelist.
  • Michael Dooley, author of The Education of a Comics Artist.
  • Ash Maczko, writer of Squarriors.
  • John Anderson, editor at DC Thomson.
  • Shawn Demumbrum of SpazDog Press.

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