The Daily LITG, 17th May 2019 – Happy Birthday Garry Leach

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Top five stories read yesterday:

  1. When Scott Snyder Will End Justice League – and What Grant Morrison Told Him Was Beyond The Source Wall
  2. Marvel Sends Seed Packets to Comic Stores Promoting Jonathan Hickman’s House and Powers Of X
  3. Marvel Shocker: Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider Relaunched in August
  4. Superman: Year One by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr is No Longer Mature Readers Only
  5. Separated at Birth: Lucca Comics 2019 Poster by Barbara Baldi

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

Photo by Steve Cook
  • Garry Leach, creator of Warpsmiths, artist on Miracleman.
  • Steve Geiger, Hulk and Spider-Man artist, creator of The Evilgeiger Empire
  • Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, publisher of Aardvark-Vanaheim.
  • Chris Ecker, first employee of Moondog Comics, co-founder of NOW Comics, co-creator of Big Bang Comics.
  • Dr Malcolm Bourne, comic book letter writer and journalist
  • Pete Fitzgerald, comic artist on Cracked.
  • Jennifer M. Contino, comics journalist
  • Huwj Matsumura, comic creator
  • Marko Stojanovic, Balkan comics writer
  • Luigi Mutti, comics translator
  • Josh Elder, Former associate editor at Wizard Magazine, creator of comic strip Mail Order Ninja.

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