Justice Doom War Begins In DC Comics’ August 2019 Solicitations

So, everything will go big for DC’s Year Of The Villain in DC’s August 2019 solicitations. This is probably their biggest crossover event ever. And it’s embracing the new Justice League event Justice Doom War as well. And spelling out just what the Apex Lex character is for anyone who has been kipping…

Justice Doom War Begins In DC Comics August 2019 SolicitationsJUSTICE LEAGUE #29
Does a Starro dream of an electric Justice League? Sensing the danger to come, Jarro fears for his newfound friends. He ponders each one and their potential fate to decide whether he should mentally block them from going forward into what could be certain destruction…the coming war with the Legion of Doom!

The “Justice Doom War” starts here! The Lex Luthor the League has known and fought is no more, replaced by an apex predator version of Lex, powered by Perpetua with a goal of bringing tragedy to the DC Universe. Now that Lex has powered up villains across the cosmos, he marshals his own troops, sparking a war between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League that will span space, time and the Multiverse itself. This is the start of the next big Justice League event, with consequences affecting “DC’s Year of the Villain” and beyond!

So what else has Apex Lex been up to in August solicits? The Offer was made, now we see how the ‘dark gifts’ are being used…

  • Black Mask, Roman Sionis, is free of Damian Wayne’s prison and with Lex Luthor’s offer of new powers, he’s going corporate in a one-shot against Batwoman. Also, Robin confirms that the person who let his prisoners escape…was one of his teammates.
  • Sinestro has the power of the ultraviolet spectrum, fighting against the old gods.
  • Leone, head of the invisible mafia in Metropolis
  • Luthor has given his Cheetah what she needs to slake her thirst with Wonder Woman’s blood.
  • Luthor has offered King Bizarro the power of time manipulation to turn back the clock on creation.
  • Jericho has Lex Luthor’s power upgrade gift to use on his sister.
  • Captain Cold uses Lex Luthor’s offer to boost Heat Wave to the next level
  • Harley Quinn is avoiding Luthor’s offer by destroying his message drones.
  • Red Hood has an offer from Luthor to train the next generation of super-villains.
  • Lex Luthor is tempting Lois Lane with something as Superman and Superboy are across the universe. How very Eden.
  • Also, Shadow Thief has wounded Hawkman, Mr Freeze is on a killing spree, Brainiac-1 is targeting Supergirl, Black Manta… something.

Busy predator…

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