The Daily LITG, 11th May 2019 – Another Day in Paradise

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Top five stories read yesterday

  1. Immortal Hulk Now Outsells Batman
  2. TOLDJA: Details Of Marvel Comics #1000 Revealed
  3. Black Lightning Creator Tony Isabella Trashes Batman and the Outsiders, Says DC Exec Agreed
  4. Marvel Comics Cancels Its Summer Swimsuit Special
  5. Marvel Comics Tops 50% in April 2019 Marketshare For The First Time in Over Ten Years

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

  • John Corello, columnist and reporter at ComicMix.
  • Russell Lissau, writer for Batman Strikes and Old Wounds.
  • Dan Goldman, writer/artist, creator of Red Light Properties
  • Mike Curtis, writer of Dick Tracy strip
  • Matt Feazell, creator of Cynicalman.
  • Nick Burns, artist on Arctic Comics.
  • Sandy Carruthers, co-creator of The Men In Black.

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