Michael Davis Speaks About Reports Of His Death Being Greatly Exaggerated (VIDEO)

Comic book creator and publisher, Michael Davis is alive and well and speaking from his home. His e-mail, phone and social media have all hacked and used by persons unknown to impersonate his caring family, stating that Davis had taken his own life, and then sharing his personal photos and videos. Michael Davis was able to confirm to Bleeding Cool on the phone this morning that he was very much alive. And he sent us this video.

As he says, ‘This is the last thing I need, to reach out to people to tell them I’m not dead… cause it makes me want to die.’

After this first statement via video, he followed that with an hour long Facebook video, which we reproduce below too. He took these opportunities to talk about his life, his hardships, his acheivements, and how he has beenpoorly treated by many over the year – this incident just being the latest.

But as he also says, it’s the stupidest thing to hack someone who gave a keynote speech at the FBI Academy. He may have used slightly more colourful vocabulary.

We wish Davis well and look forward to running his next instalment of Michael Davis, From The Edge, a column that has run sporadically since we first met at the Hyatt Hotel one San Diego Comic Con…

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