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After buying the comic collection that was the subject of last week’s column, I did more work trying to figure out what certain issues are worth. Plus, I am pleasantly surprised at how much of a hit the old collection is with customers. People really miss old school comics.

In this day and age collectible values can rise and fall very quickly. We do not even price single Magic the Gathering cards anymore. We go by the online TCGplayer market price. They change so quickly that even updating the prices each week takes too long and is often wrong. Gone are the days of people following a monthly publication such as Wizard’s top ten comics. I confess I try to keep up with what is hot every week. Usually a good indicator is when someone calls asking about a comic. Such as when Power Rangers #25 came out I got a call from a person saying I am a big fan of Power Rangers and need to get this issue! Also, can I get multiple copies? Um, okay if you are such a big fan than why isn’t it on your pull list with the store you shop at? Also why do you need multiples of the same comic? Or when people started calling about Major X #1. Immortal Hulk is a title that keeps surprising me. Sadly, our last shipment of Immortal Hulks had each copy damaged. I won’t lie, it hurt. Variants of course are all over the place pricewise. Do you have the latest Harley Quinn variant cover is a common call I get. It’s the wildcard of collecting.

Currently comic related movies, comic related TV shows, and web shows drive prices of comics. Right now, there is a lot of current and upcoming comic related material. I admit I wish there was an easier way for me to keep up-to-date on comic prices.

Now for some back-issue madness! I started researching prices and of course not all of these were in the collection. These are prices for what I looked up or discovered. Which does not mean it has not changed already.

You may already have these in your collection and not even know they are worth money.

Avenging Spider-Man #9. Ms. Marvel takes up the Captain Marvel name. Going for over $100 currently.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 from 1982. 1st Monica Rambeu as Captain Marvel at the time. A $50 book. Monica Rambeu was in the Captain Marvel movie.


Batman #608 the 2nd printing is clearing $100.

Batman #635. First Jason Todd as Red Hood. Currently clearing $50.

Batman Adventures #12. 1st Harley Quinn appearance in a comic book. Ungraded the comic currently goes for around $400. With Harley attached to be in the next Suicide Squad along with the Birds of Prey movie, this comic should become even more in demand.

DC Comics Presents #26. New Teen Titans. First Victor Stone, the Cyborg. Currently clearing $100.

Detective Comics #880. A near mint ungraded copy of this issue clears $200! The cover is that cool.

Hawkeye as Ronin’s first appearance is New Avengers #27. With Hawkeye taking up the Ronin costume in the upcoming Avengers movie the comic is currently popular. Currently going for roughly $15.

Invincible #1. Kirkman’s own superhero comic. Currently going for roughly $300.

John Byrne’s Next Men #21. This is the first of Hellboy in color print. Currently going ungraded for roughly $100. With Hellboy’s movie out last weekend we will see if it spikes or drops. Sadly, the movie did not do well at the box office.

Special Edition #15 Marvel. The 1st appearance of martial artist Shang Chi from 1973. Word has it Shang Chi will be on the big screen in the future. Currently clearing $100. If and when Shang Chi hits the big screen $100 might seem like a steal.

The first appearance in a comic of Marvel’s Major X looks to be Spider Man Deadpool #47 (sorry Rob Liefeld). The regular cover is currently going for roughly $30 dollars.

Naomi #1 is clearing $60 online. Her various comics are doing well on the aftermarket.


Silencer #15 is seeing some love and is going for around $10 dollars. First appearance of Smoke.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0 is commanding around $45

Thanos #13. The Cosmic Ghostrider’s first appearance is clearing $100.

Wonder Woman #72. Brian Bolland cover. A statue was made based on this cover. Currently clearing $30.

Unrelated note, if any publishers who will be attending the Diamond Summit next month are interested in an interview for this column let me know.

I do enjoy these trips to the past. Plus, one may very well be able to find a copy for cover price at their local comic store of a in-demand comic. Silencer 15 was available for weeks after it came out for cover price here.

Comic publishers seem so focused on future projects, current and past comics seem forgotten by them at times. Which to me is odd because what are trade paperbacks? Collections of previously released comics. Want to sell more trades? Then hype up past comics.

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