Details of Death’s Head by Tini Howard and Kei Zama With Wiccan and Hulkling

Ahead of the series being officially solicited, the details of the collection of the new Death’s Head series by newly Marvel-exclusive Tini Howard and Kei Zama¬†are out and about. Even if the image attached to the Amazon solicitation leaves a lot to be desired…

Rising stars Tini Howard and Kei Zama take on Marvel UK’s hottest character, Death’s Head, in a new miniseries! When intergalactic mech merc Death’s Head botches a job and wakes up half assembled at a punk show, he goes on a rampage. He’s not the only one feeling broken down and obsolete, as former Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling are on the scene with a plan of their own. There’s no way the best robot bounty hunter – oops, we mean “freelance peacekeeping agent” – in this universe is getting taken down by a couple of C-list heroes still wearing their teenage tights. No, if anybody’s gonna take out Death’s Head, it’s gonna be…Death’s Head, yes? It’s time for an upgrade – meet the adolescent new model who’ll turn Death’s Head’s world upside down!


Out on December 17th.

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