Challenging Puzzles and Disembodied Terror in The Inner Friend at PAX East 2019

If you ever wondered what it would be like playing a video game in a Tool music video, that’s what we got to experience with The Inner Friend at PAX East. We got to try out a demo of the game and it was pretty interesting as PLAYMIND has made what is essentially a horror puzzler. You go through the levels as what appears to be an apparition of a child throughout a school filled with kids who look the same as you. Faceless fragments of something that once was. You’ll go through the level discovering different mechanics in which you’ll need to learn how to solve the puzzles ahead.

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I got through one level as part of the demo as I went around saving kids who had been trapped by a teacher that looked… well, kinda hard to explain without spoilers but it was very Guillermo del Toro inspired. The game is already out on Steam if you want to play it, but we were messing around with the console version, which is set for a Summer 2019 release on Xbox One and PS4. I quite enjoyed it, I wasn’t too horrified by anything I saw, not really any jump scares that will freak you out. But it does pose a challenge if you’re looking for a game where you have to think.

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