John McCrea Supports Petiton to Get James Gunn to Put Dogwelder in Suicide Squad 2

Dogwelder was a character created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea for the DC Comics title Hitman, a comedy drama about an assassin in Gotham who had been given X-Ray vision, moderate telepathy – and weird ass eyes.

The comic also introduced the down-and-out superhero team, Section 8, led by Six Pack, whose powers were that he was drunk and so fought with gay abandon,the team also included the Defenestrator, who throws people out of a windows he carries around with him, Friendly Fire whose fire-based powers always end up hitting his team mates my mistake, Jean de Baton-Baton who is French, Flemgem who can produce and expel large volumes of phlegm, and Shakes, a homeless man aflicted with palsy.

And amidst them is Dogwelder. An silent man who fights villains by welding dogs to them with his blowtorch.

Later it turns out that he is part of a long line of Dogwelders going back to prehistoric times, a curse from the Egyptian dog headed god Anubis, a legacy, passed on from one Dogwelder to another, with a cosmic destiny to save the world.

He is such a ridiculous character that, as James Gunn is directing the new Suicide Squad 2 movie, there has been a fan swell to ask Gunn to consider Dogwelder as a member of the team. To be fair, as a character, Dogwelder is no more ridiculous than a man who throws boomerangs.

So if you are not James Gun, sign the petition. If you are James Gunn, look at the petition. It has been signed, amongst others, by Dogwelder’s co-creator John McCrea after all.

And then rewrite Suicide Squad 2 to include Dogwelder as a member.

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