Comics Salopia, an Angouleme-Style Comics Festival for Shrewsbury

My head has been turned. There I was, all planning to go to the second Portsmouth Comic Con for the 4th and 5th May. On Free Comic Book Day as well. And that would have been it for my comic convention jaunts for the year until either The Lakes in October or Thought Bubble in November – with MCM London shows being a little more local.

But then a newcomer has reared its very pretty head.

Comics Salopia, for the 1st and 2nd of June, is a huge international, free entry festival taking over the entire town of Shrewsbury, (halfway between Birmingham and the Welsh border if that helps) whilch bills itself as ‘celebrating the medium of comic art in all of its forms with some of the biggest names in comic art attending’

Angouleme style, spread out cross the very pretty town, including the Castle Grounds, the Dana Prison, Shrewsbury University and the Museum and Art Gallery. And including film screenings, Jedi fight training, face painting, a small press comics market in the square, an interactive Judge Dredd event, live music, boat trips, a Zombie Walk, a Cosplay competition and live art events all weekend.

It reads like The Lakes with just a flavour of MCM glamour. And, yes, it has a very impressive comics guest list.

Charlie Adlard, Dan Berry, Al Ewing, Chip Kidd, Duncan Fegredo, Sarah Graley, Tyler Kirkham, Sarah McIntyre, Aneke Murillenem, Nigel Parkinson, Frank Quitely, John Allison, Laurence Campbell, Ben Stenbeck, Hunt Emerson, Laura Howell, Marc Jackson, Scott McCloud, Sean Phillips, David Roach, John Anderson, Jimmy Broxton, Elsa Charretier, Greg Staples, Christos Gage, Nathan Fowkes, Kieron Gillen, Peter Hogan, Alex Paknadel, Yanick Paquette, Lew Stringer, Eric Stephenson, Bryan Talbot, John Wagner, Mary M Talbot, Christian Ward

For now.

I wonder what the AirBnBs are like?

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