Marvel Comics Doesn’t Want Anyone to Think the Punisher is a Hero

Brian Lake went to Marvel’s True Believers panel at C2E2. And passed along a few notes.

We had Nick Spencer, Tini Howard and Matthew Rosenberg, moderated by Ryan Penagos.

Matthew Rosenberg talked a lot about how Marvel doesn’t want to make people think the Punisher is a hero.

Tini Howard said she told Marvel the same when she wrote the Marvel Knights issue of Punisher – it sounds like they don’t want to make kids want to be the Punisher or have them think he is a good guy – specifically they said he is a bad guy who kills bad guys.

It is  notable that all sorts of people have been using or claiming the Punisher logo, and this has made some folk rather uncomfortable. And it is notable that he bagan as one of Spider-man’s gallery of villains…

The panel also displayed artwork from upcoming Uncanny X-Men as well as Tini Howard’s Thanos and Conan: Belit but they didn’t allow any cellphones ou…

All in attendance got 3 variant books some were 1:50 ratio variants, others were store variants…


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