Tim Seeley Appointed as Managing Editor of Heavy Metal Magazine, Overseeing Creative and Editorial Staff

Rantz Hoseley, former managing editor of Heavy Metal Magazine left the company last month, and today Heavy Metal has announced his replacement, Tim Seeley.

Seeley is well known as the creator/writer/artist of Devil’s Due/Image horror satire comic Hack/Slash, as well as co-creating Revival for Image and writing Batman-related titlesfor DC Comics.

Seeley’s new role will have him overseeing incoming content for Heavy Metal Magazine and creating original content for upcoming issues.

As the new Heavy Metal Magazine managing editor, Seeley tells us “To me, Heavy Metal represents what comic books can do best…presenting lots and lots of outrageously compelling and slightly dangerous ideas. It’s pure, unrestrained creation. And, I’ve now done literally every job a person can have in comics, so I know that working in a creative director position suits maybe better than any other job. Now while I’m writing lots of comics, I can look over the shoulder of other people making comics with a big goofy smile on my face and tell them I love it.”

Publisher Kevin Eastman says of Seeley, “Tim is a true triple-threat, an incredibly talented writer, artist and creator – I’m a huge fan and couldn’t be more thrilled he’s joining the team.”

And Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine said “I’ve known Tim Seeley personally and professionally for a decade and have been in awe of his knowledge and enthusiasm and his dedication not only to the creativity he brings to every project, but the amazing relationships he has maintained in the industry. We are lucky to have him.”

Seeley’s first story appear in Heavy Metal Magazine #293, an adaptation of the band Megadeth’s song, Holy Wars, with art by Ignacio Calero and colors by Carlos Cabrera, to be published on April 17th.

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Heavy Metal Magazine, currently the longest running, uninterrupted anthology in American magazine and comics publishing.

Heavy Metal Magazine #293 Cover A by Flavio Greco and Cover B by Beeple.


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