The Economic Report of the President is the Greatest Pop Culture Crossover of All Time

The Council of Economic Advisers to the President of The United States of America has provided their annual economic report to the President. The President, after reviewing and approving of the report, has sent the Economic Report of the President to Congress. What is surprising about this report lies in some surprise appearances in The Staff of the Council of Economic Advisers, namely the interns that assisted through the year in compiling the data for this report.

In the list of interns, there are some very familiar names. It is unknown if this is a good-natured joke buried in an oppressive bureaucratic report, or if these are actual interns with famous names. If these are actual interns, we hope you are laughing along with us.

John Cleese of Monty Python fame. Jabba the Hutt of Tatooine slug gangster fame. Kathryn Janeway captain of the U.S.S. Voyager. Aunt May, aunt to Peter Parker a friendly neighborhood spider-man. John (sic) Snow, knows nothing, likes walls. Bruce Wayne playboy billionaire philanthropist dark knight. This is such an impressive team of interns that we should all sleep soundly knowing our economic policy is in super hands.

These are not the only famous interns that have stepped in to help the Council of Economic Advisers. Last year the council had both James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard intern with them. That had to be an incredibly impressive team with such remarkable leadership.

Government reports are frequently assembled by interns, who are either underpaid or unpaid. To say the work is grueling and thankless is an understatement. It should surprise no one that these types of jokes can be found is almost every lengthy report. It is something of a reward for reading hundreds of pages of economic reporting. Again, if these are real people, we salute you. If this is a very clever inside joke, we also salute whoever slipped this into the report. You are making America great.

The Economic Report of the President can be found at

The interns appear on page 624.

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