Video – Arlen Schumer’s Verbal Clash With San Diego Comic Fest Volunteers

Comic book historian and lecturer Arlen Schumer attended San Diego Comic Fest this past weekend, where he gave five lectures through the show. This video from the end of his final lecturer sees him in conflict with one of the show volunteers who was telling him that his time was coming to an end…

Fellow comics historian and lecturer Scott Shaw tells Bleeding Cool ‘rlen Schumer managed to upset the showrunners, comic book pros, fan attendees and hotel staff at San Diego Comic Fest 2019. Here’s a sample of Mr. Schumer’s truly despicable toxic personality and mistreatment of a convention volunteer. Wisely, he’s been permanently BANNED from this wonderful small comic convention. Comic convention showrunners, beware. Do you really want YOUR volunteers to get Schumerized?’

When asked for comment, Schumer linked to a couple of articles, and a couple of images…

PRINT magazine: Arlen Schumer’s VisuaLectures: Where Comics Scholarship Meets Design Showmanship

And a forwarded a note from Mike Friedrich who enjoyed the lecture, even with the way it ended, very much…

Will tgis get him banned by shows? Or invited to more of them?

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