The John McCrea, Hunt Emerson and Dave Gibbons Batman/Bat-Mite Comic That Never Was

Comic book creator John McCrea of Hitman, Dicks, Section 8 and Spider-Man has been digging around and found a pitch for a Batman/Bat-Mite comic with him, Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons and the astounding Hunt Emerson.

Sadly it seems that DC Comics wasn’t interested.

But we did get a look at a couple of the pages, drawn by McCrea and Emerson on the same page, McCrea taking Batman and the Bat-Cave, Emerson taking Bat-Mite and the Mite-Cave…

How did McCrea and Emerson hook up?

With Mr Myzptlk getting a boost of late at DC Comics, is there any chance Batman And Bat-Mite could rise again?

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